Friday, December 31, 2010

What do you get when you spell DOG backwards?

What do you get when you spell DOG backwards, GOD.  Before I get struck with lightning, I am in no way referring to God as a dog, neither am I referring to a dog as a god. Recently our family made purchase of a puppy, a Maltese.  In a moment of time, that dog did what I could not do no matter how hard I tried and that is...change the atmosphere in the home.  No matter how hard I tried, or prayed, wait a comes, comes change of atmosphere....and as I sat amazed at how a dog so dramatically changed the atosphere, when I could not and when I had even prayed to God, that's when it occurred to me, that God, spelled backwards, spells Dog. Coincidence that at that moment I thought of something I've never thought of before in my 41yrs of life? Yes, perhaps you who are wiser have always known that, so bare with me.  If you had dyslexia you might look at the word god quickly and see dog.  What is my point?  Often, we are looking for signs from God and answers to prayer, all the while, it is right under our very nose.  It's not every time that God is going to be able to say, "hey dummy, why don't you try spelling dog backwards...what does it spell, ughhh...God, that's right, that's me, that dog is your answer to your prayer" how often is the answer to our prayer right under our noses, right before our eyes, but yet we don't see it. We don't see God in the little things, but yet he is there, whether we see him in the answer, the solution, he was part of it.