Monday, January 31, 2011


     I am not a big supporter of those Christians who find themselves hated by everyone. I understand the word's of Jesus, "they hate you because they hated me" and it is human nature to go to the one scripture in the bible (when there are plenty more) to justify our carnality and un Christ like behavior.  Time and time again you will read that God's people have always been a people of favor. Yes, we will always have our enemies, we will always have the devil's ponds opposing us, but we will also have God's favor with the heathen. Our scripture clearly states "The Lord made the Egyptians favorably disposed toward the people, and Moses himself was highly regarded in Egypt by Pharoah's officials and by the people". Isolated insident???? No, this is a common theme through out the bible and SHOULD BE a common theme thoughout your life, my life.  Daniel, Joseph, Ezra, Zerrubabel, Shadrack, Esther and the list goes on and on of "Godly, Spiritual, men/women" whom God gave favor with the heathen.  There is always going to be the exception to the rule, but by and large this ought to be our experience. What I have often seen over the years is neighbors, co-workers and family that were absolutely enraged with us (Christians) be the very same people that come around and do more to help us than anybody else, when we(Christians) were in need, why? Because God made them favorably disposed towards us; even though we may enrage them like nobody else, in time of need, you will see that God makes them favorably disposed towards his people. I am amazed at the empathy, favor and help I have received from the very people that I thought I had so enraged, but when I was in a time of need, God moved upon them to help me even more so than my fellow Christian Brothers and sisters and this is what God does in our text today. It is not an isolated incident, it is a common occurence, a common theme, that God will give us favor with the unsaved, he will give us favor, with the very ones we have enraged with our witness (not other carnal reasons) . What has your experience been?


     BE careful of hinging your witness on the miracles that God does because you may find yourself taken back a little when you hear that you are not the only one that has experienced miracles. You may say, "live righteously, serve the true God and then you will experience miracles". Problem is you will find out that there are many who are not living righteously, serving false gods that have experienced miracles too! If our aim is to convince by miracles we will fail or worse, mis guide people only to find out the people we were trying to win are now caught up in a counterfeit revival that is full of supernatural manifestations, but yet is not God, what will you say then after you put such an emphasis on "miracles". According to God's word our power is in our testimony. Sinners, religious people, folks caught up in the occult our counterfit revivals may have plenty of testimonies of the "supernatural" but the one thing they do not have a testimony of  is a changed life, deliverence and salvation. Revelations says it is by the "word of our testimony" that we overcome. If we are going to start engaging in a battle of may just lose. You may just find out that the person you are trying to convert, once prayed the rosary in his car in a near death experience and right after he prayed his rosary, a miracle happened. What will you say to that?  A budhist may tell you that she prayed to Budha for her child to be healed and that moment her child was healed, what will you say to that?  Our scripture in today's reading clearly opens our eyes to the fact that Jehovah is not the only one who has the ability to do perform miracles.  Jesus would not cater to this "show me a miracle" so I can convert the unconverted Jesus said the opposite, "a miracle you will not see except as Jonah was in the belly of a whale for 3 days so the son of man will be..." in other words, the only miracle you will get is my dieing for your sins and raising from the dead.  In other words, the first miracle you need to see is your salvation which will only come by repentance. People who try to strong arm God into showing them a miracle before they get saved will never get that miracle. Jesus (God)  knew that all the miracles in the world will not bring a soul to repentance, He pulled every miralce in the book with Pharoah and to the egyptians but it only moved them for a bit,  not long after the miracle, the "change of heart" brought forth by the miracle was quickly dismissed and they returned to their stubborn and defiant ways.  We can speak of the miracles that God has done for us to unbelievers, but remember, our greatest power and punch when witnessing will be the power of our testimony and if they will not listen to that than so be it...

Friday, January 28, 2011


     Chapter 6 Verse 4 "He will not listen to you" God says, but go tell him anyway!  It's important we REMEMBER this. This is most of our witnessing, most of the time we are witnessing to people who will not lsiten or convert to God's ways (like Pharoah) and the danger is that we clam up, because nobody is interested or getting "saved".  However, we must remember this text and also many verses in Jeremiah where God explicitly tells Jeremiah to go preach and also tells Jeremiah, "they will not repent". THE POINT...not all witnessing and speaking for God is "to save" but rather "to judge". God will use our witness to save some and judge others, but there is a purpose ALWAYS. In this case, with Pharoah, he's not going to "get saved" but God is going to use Moses' attempt to judge Pharoah, "did not my servant Moses come to you?".  The sad reality, is that allot of our witnessing will be used by God to "judge souls" in eternity rather than save. "Go speak this to Pharoah", God says, even though he will not listen because I will use it to judge him, I will use it to show that I am a just and fair God, that I show no partiality and I am no respector of persons.  God did not program Pharoah to be hard hearted and stiff necked, he simply worked with what was there. Even Judas, Jesus worked with Judas until the very last hour and minute, even calling him friend at the very end.   Are you at a place where you won't speak for God anymore because "they won't listen", God says, tell them anyway so that they will never be able to say, " I didn't know...I would have let your people go, had I known....but Moses never told me?"  God says, "no, Moses did tell you, no Richard did tell you, no (put in your name) did tell you, SEVERAL TIMES and the judgement you will now face, you have only one person to blame and that is yourself, you hardened your heart to those I sent and refused to listen and even knowing that you would not listen, I sent them anyway to show that I am a just and fair God.


THE ONE YEAR CLUB: JAN 28 "I'M NOT MOVED....": " THE SERMON is not always going to work. 'say to the Israelites...' and verse 6 to 8 is basically a 'God is with you..."

JAN 28 "I'M NOT MOVED...."

     THE SERMON is not always going to work. "say to the Israelites..." and verse 6 to 8 is basically a "God is with you Sermon" and the response...??? Verse 9 "they did not listen because of their discouragement".  Ever been there? Ever been so discouraged by your circumstances that the "God is with you" sermon bounces right off of you like bullets off of Superman.  "Sorry, Moses, preacher, pastor, friend....I'm not moved by your "pump me up" words, I'll be moved when my circumstances change AND ONLY THEN!  So how does God respond to this? Verse 10 "Then the Lord said to Moses, Go tell Pharoah".  God says, "alright, that didn't work, let's go to Pharoah".   This is the God we serve, He really does have empathy for his people and He is gracious. "okay, they didn't receive the message I gave them that I love them and I'm for them, and maybe because of the situtaion they are in, no problem, I have another avenue we can go", says God (paraphrased by Richard). If God is often not a dictator, why are we? We need to have empathy for each other and realize that allot of times our speeches, our little sermonettes and scripture quotes are simply not going to be enough to lift those that we are trying to help, out of their discouragement. So what do we do then? Get angry, turn our backs on them and stop trying or do we show empathy and search another avenue to help them? God why shouldn't we!  I am the worse (or maybe you are!) to try to encourage with scripture and sermonettes when I am discouraged, I already know all the scripture; often what I need is simply the circumstances to change and the strength and patience to endure until things change. "But they did not listen to him, because of their discouragement and cruel bondage", that says it all!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


     Not only must we fight against our human nature to do the good deeds God is trying desperately to prompt us to do, but then when we do venture forward we are hit with demonic oppostion and that's often when we throw our hands up in the air and say, "God I tried, but this is ridiculous, things are only getting worse, I'm done" and we never look back or try again. "If God really wanted me to do that or succeed in what he asked he should have taken care of the oppostion", we say to ourselves. Surely I would have said this in this horrible situation Moses has been put in and put the Israelites in. The very people he is trying to save and deliver revolt against him and are ready to take his head off, and for a good reason!  Due to Moses meddling, they are now being beat and no longer is straw being provided for them to build their bricks. There's no way to look at this and say, "it's okay, really....". And if I were Moses I would have apologized to the people for ever meddling and apologized to Pharoah and asked him to stop beating the people, give them back their straw and I would be gone on my way and I would have told God, "leave me alone".  Ever try to help by God's prompting and things only get worse?


     I am so glad God wrote about me in today's reading, but yet to save me embarassment used Moses' name instead.  How often has God tried to get me to do something and of course I told him I would, if it were not for this and that reason, then God takes care of those reasons and at the end of it all I say, "O, Lord, please send someone else". I would have struck Moses with lightning right here, if I were God. After all I just did in response to "why you couldn't" and now you're going to tell me you don't want to anyway!!! But this is you and I, isn't it, the issue is not always the main issue, we have issues layered up upon issue as to why we can't. And God must peal away those issues one layer at a time before he can ever get us to do anything for him.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


     Most disengenuine, religious folks would rather talk about their Love for God rather than their Fear of God. They have so much LOVE for God, but no fear, which explains why they live the contradictory lives they live. It is not the LOVE my son has for me (and he does love me dearly) that keeps him from mouthing off to his mother or I, it is his FEAR of me that keeps him from doing so. Love is not enough to keep us right in any relationship. We cannot love someone so much that it keeps us from all wrong doing. Why did God choose to inspire the author of our text to write verse 17 "The midwives, however, feared God and did not do what the king of Egypt told them to do; they let the boys lives".  Why not..."because the midwives LOVED GOD they did not do what the King of Egypt told them to do"  Why not have it written like that? BECAUSE it would not be true!  Yes they loved God, but in this particular situation it was not love that caused them to do the right thing  it was fear.  I love God too, but I must confess, there are days where I can be so off tract, so low, so discouraged that on those days, weeks...or months, there is one thing that keeps me and that is The Fear of God.  Disengenuine religious Christians all have this lacking in their lives, a genuine fear of God.  Don't ever lose your fear of God, the bible says it was the beginning of your wisdom and if you ever lose it you become a fool again. I've met many fools in the Church of Jesus Christ, they are doing unspeakable things that you have to know is going to bring severe judgment on their lives, if not in this life, the life to come for sure, but all they want to speak about is their Love for God and there is a day approaching that will be a rude awakening for them, never lose your fear of God. Always walk revereantly and fearfully in his presence.


     TWO TRUTHS that co-exist together; anyone can change and some people never change....and I am discouraged to read that after all Joseph's brothers went through. AND the danger or the snare can be that we are "always discouraged" because of the lack of faith and belief in our unsaved family. After all that they went through with Joseph they still did not learn a lesson, and that lesson is, TRUST IN GOD. No sooner has Jacob died and they are back to their coniving ways, rather than just have FAITH and TRUST in God. Verse 15 "when Joseph's brothers saw that their father was dead, they said, "what if Joseph holds a grudge against us and pays u back for all the wrongs we did to him?" So they sent word to Joseph saying, "your father left these instructions before he died..." and they go on to make up more lies and go on to show that these are men that have grown up their whole lives in a God centered family, but yet have never learned to have faith in their God nor develop a relationship with him.  THE POINT is that we can have our own joy stolen by others who choose simply not to beleive and if our hope is always that one day they will change...., what if they do not? Will we live somber, depressed, Christians lives because of someone else? If every crisis is our hope that "they will change" we will be disappointed to find it does not change them. We simply don't know if some people will never change and we must learn to pray and release them to God and learn to go on with our own lives and enjoy the blessings of serving God and enjoying Him, regardless of our brothers and sisters that no matter what, just don't seem to ever "get it".

Monday, January 24, 2011


     Ever do something you thought there was going to be "hell to pay" so to speak, but yet, no thunder cracked, you did not fall in a pit of mud, you didn't get struck with lighting, you didn't get fired, as a matter of a fact, nothing happened and you thought...I GOT AWAY WITH IT. This is what Reuben thought all these years, the firstborn son to whom all the rights and blessing should be bestowed, but it is when Jacob is distributing the blessings (symbolic of God) that he says, "Reuben, you are my firstborn, my my might, excelling in will no longer excel, for you went up onto your father's bed onto my couch and defiled it"  OUCH!  Where did that come from, if Jacob knew about it why didn't he do something years earlier? ALL blessing flows down from God. People who are blessed are not those that gave the gal at McDonalds back the extra change on Sunday. It's those who over the long term live righteously, act justly and show mercy and compassion.  There are things we do, ways we treat people, areas we compromise in that never seems to get us hit with lightening but God does have seasons when he distributes blessings and that's when it hits.  Joseph was not blessed because of a few good decisions he made (running away from Potipher's wife), but rather from his righteous disposition in life, he wasn't perfect, but for the most part he lived righteously and reverantly before God and at the end of the day, you cannot help but look at Joseph's life and say, "the dude is blessed". There are Christians that you can't help but look at and say, "they're blessed" and it's good to remember that it's not because God is a respector of persons, but because he keeps good books, Reuben, this is what you're going to get, and Joseph, this is what you're going to get and God makes a clear distinction here in our text. This principle is consistent through out scripture and the principle applies both here on earth and also in eternity. God doesn't make this distinction every day, but he does make it when he chooses. As the old saying goes, God does pay, but it's not always on Friday!


     We can worry that destiny can be messed up by some one's incompetence, but God is able yet to prevail, He is the God who works ALL things out according to HIS WILL and purpose. Joseph is angry that his boys' destiny has been left to a senile, old man and he is not going to let this screw up happen. We feel like we have to intervene and fix things before God lets it get, all messed up. "If God isn't going to intervene here then I'm going to have too!", Joseph thinks to himself, "Why is God going to sit idly by and allow this grave mistake to happen?" But yet we see that God is able to prevail according to his will, his purposes and even through a half senile, old man. Hindsight of course is always 20/20 vision. However put yourself in this situation, or perhaps you've been in other situations similar, where it looked like God was obviously to busy or perhaps indifferent and was not going to do YOU DID!  Maybe you intervened like Joseph did; except unlike Joseph, you were never told you were actually the one who messed things up by intervening. Perhaps even 'till this day you've never realized you were the one who messed things up when you intervened. It is best to trust God and never try to intervene when we think God has checked out, because he has not checked out, he has not left destiny and critical decisions in the hands of incompetent or senile people, He is the God who does, is and is more than able to work out his purposes on his own, without our help, if we will simply step back and trust, even as we watch the old man bless the younger, instead of the older. We must be able to trust and say, "surely God sees what is happening here and is more than able, should this be a blunder, to work all things out according to his knowledge, counsel and purpose. How shocked and embarrassed Joseph must have been when his father turned to him and said, " I know exactly what I'm doing?"  Do you hear the voice of God in that?

Friday, January 21, 2011


     Sometimes I wonder who is more miserable, the atheist or the rebelious religious person. I will choose the rebelious religious person.  In our reading today we read about the brothers of Joseph still tormented in their minds for the sin they committed against their brother.  Everything negative that happens in their lives is attributed to "God getting them back". This is how the religious person lives, they know enough religion to drive them crazy. They know enough to know that they are not living right and because of that, everything negative that happens is God getting even. At least the Atheist convinces himself (or tries) that there is no God and therefore bad events in life are either bad luck, bad karma or just life. If Joseph was 13 when he was sold into slavery by his brothers and now Joseph is 30 yrs old ruling in Egypt, that is 17 yrs (is my math right???) since their great sin. Imagine 17 yrs of every time something has gone wrong, feeling like it is God getting even. Some people know enough about God to drive them crazy. Even in the reading for the New Testatment (Mtw 13:47 - 14:12) we read about Herod who is haunted by what he did to John the Baptist, so much so that he says Jesus is John the Baptist risen from the dead. This is an absurd thought, unless you're a religious man with a tormented conscience, then it makes perfect sense. I remember many times as a sinner blaming bad predicaments at God. I always felt like God's hand was against me, and rightly so, I had enough religioni, even as a Catholic, to drive me crazy. How great was the peace that came when I simply got right with God and confessed my sins and began to live right! Now when something goes wrong in my life or I am faced with a bad predicament no longer do I look to Heaven and shake my fist, but I look to Heaven for help and guidance. That makes all the difference in the world! If you're not right with God today, perhaps this is your lot right now, you have to wonder everytime things go wrong.."is this God getting even with me?" what a miserable way to live, get right with God today otherwise, you have just enough religion, to drive you crazy for the rest of your life. Don't be like Joseph's brothers.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


     Recently Alabama Republican Robert Bentley Apologized for Saying in a Speech that Only Christians are His `Brothers` and `Sisters.  Was he reading his One Year Bible too and got all pumped up? Is this coincidence? This story came out right around the same time as the Jan 19 reading  in Mathew where Jesus' mother and brothers are wanting to speak to him, "someone told him, your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you. He (Jesus) replied, and who are my brothers? For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sisters and mother".  What was he (Robert Bentley) thinking when he said in his speech that "only Christians are his Brothers and Sisters? Did he forget for a moment that he is a politician FIRST and servant of God SECOND?  Was he stirred for a moment, zealous for the Lord, stirred by the words of the Lord Jesus that he read that morning? Who knows....what we do know is he apologized afterwards?!?!  Should Jesus have apologized too?  Should you also apologize? It much persecution you are willing to endure, it depends on whether you desire the praises of God more than the praises of men, it depends of whether you want the acceptance of your family more than Gods. This is a difficult concept to accept, that God, the God of Love and Peace would cause you problems, would cause division in your relationships and so it is good to read this scripture often to remind us.  Does it sound cultish, sure it does, does it sound fanatical, sure it does, would anyone ever beleive that Jesus (God) actually endorses this? No they would not, even if you showed them, they would think there must be another meaning to what he is saying. However it is the truth, RIGHT NOW there are many that are distant and suffering conflict in a relationship because of this truth and it seems that if you were to ignore this scripture you could do more good in bringing healing to this or these relationships, but the harsh reality is that there are people on earth that are our blood family that 1 million years into eternity will be nothing more than a distant memory, that truly are family, our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers will be those that do the will of God and inherit eternal life with us.  WHAT WAS HE THINKING??? The answer is, "he wasn't" he simply spoke the truth from his heart; and it is when he began to think that he realized the damage he had done to his political carreer by utering such a controversial truth. Be careful of thinking to much, lest you out think yourself right out of your God given convictions!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

JANUARY 19 GENESIS 39:1-41:16

      We've heard it before I'm sure, but it is worth repeating...."if God was with Joseph why is he in jail, if God was with Joseph why was he falsely accused in the 1st place".   I remember visiting a church from another fellowship one time when I was on deployment in the Marine Corps. After service we had a fellowship and it was brought to my attention that the man that had preached that night was not their Pastor, apparenlty their Pastor was in Jail!  He was in jail for some trumped up charges for sexual abuse. The church members were confident that their Pastor would be vindicated and all charges dropped. I kept my mouth shut, but I thought, "helloooooo....dummies, if he was innocent why would God have even allowed it to go that far, they are in for a rude awakening when they find out he's guilty".  In my mind, God would never allow something like that to prevail against one of his sons or daughters, but was I wrong? Joseph is in jail, falsely accused yet God says he's with him. Where was God when Jesus was getting his beard rippped out of his face?  Where was God when Paul was nearly stoned to death and whippped?  Where was God when the martyrs who beleived that if they stood for God would live, where was he as the lions ate them alive?  I like the mindset of Shadrack and his buddies,"God is able to deliver us from the furnace, but even if he does not..."  These Spiritual Giants allowed for the possibility that God might choose not to intervene and look the other way, for one reason or another, but yet they never questioned God's existence or goodness.  If God is with me why am I in jail, that's the question?  A jail is a place you are locked up and can't get out by your own means, it can be ...sickeness, bad marriage, addiction, financial collapse or just simply going thru a miserable, hellish season in life and no matter how hard you try, you can't get out!  The cupbearer leaves jail, and it is not until 2 years later that he remembers Joseph, can you imagine? When all God had to do is prompt that cupbearers mind to remember Joseph, but he doesn't, at least not until 2 yrs later. The point I guess would be that we can still be fruitful and blessed in our jails and as we keep our hearts right with God (this is the hard part), we must have the confidence, that God is not going to leave us there forever, but he doesn't promise to get us out tomorrow either.


Monday, January 17, 2011


We know that the 1st altar is built on man's own inititation. It's interesting to see God now using a good thing. He tells Jacob go back to Bethel and build an Altar there. God understands "altars" are a good thing! A modern day name for an altar, a secular name for an altar is...."memorial". A memorial is a secular altar. It is a lesson, a remembrance in life that we never want to forget, but we . However life's lessons should have God involved...I digress, so God encourages Jacob to go back, back to the place God met him. This proves that there are times in a believers life that their faith is dimming, struggling and pittering away and God says, these altars, they are a good thing, go back to them. Build them and remember where have have met you and what I have done for you, in the past and let that memorial, spiritual reference point, ALTAR, encourage you into the future. Notice verse 16 "Then they moved on from Bethel".   God brought Jacob back here for the sole purpose of a reference point for him and then says, "now let's move on". We cannot stay and worship at our altars forever, because if we do, the inverse will happen, it will not encourage but depress us (those were the days....). We must reference, remember and then move on to the future beleiving to build new altars and have new conquests for God.
      Another note worthy point is Israel not confronting Reuben about sleeping with his concubine, the verse simply says "and Israel heard of it". If what to confront in life is black and white, then surely this was one of those black and white issues, I mean c' why doesn't Israel confront Reuben?  Is he chicken? I think not! Does he think it's okay?  I think not!  So why?  We don't know, but we do know that Israel brings it up years later when he is distributing the blessings to his sons.  Could it be that in life the issues we confront are not black and white and we must have a sensitivity and disernment. Perhaps this is why we have so much conflict in our relationships, because we cannot discern what to confront and what to let go for the time being. Another point is, that perhaps this is a reflection of God in Israel. How often have we committed awful sins and thought for sure the hammer was going to fall, but it never did....almost causing us to think, "did I actually get away with that?" You know Reuben is thinking this. He has waited and waited to be confronted by his father, but he never is, he couldn't help think, "I got away with it!!!".  Learn a lesson here, we may sin or do what we know is wrong and God may seem to remain silent, he knows, as Israel knew, but he remains silent, but know this, when it comes time for the blessings to be distributed, don't be surprised when all your brothers are being blessed, and you are not.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is the hope we must have for our children. Isaac, a rugged man, "I am my own man, I am not going to follow my dad's footsteps"...long story short, he ends up re digging the wells of his father; and even more significant gives them the same names! This is the turning point and break thru in Isaac's life. You will notice it is just a little later, after this decision to re-dig his father's wells and give them the same names, that God appears to him and says, "I am the God of your father Abraham."  This is our hope, that God reveals himself to our children.  We will not intellectually convert them, we will not even convert them by our perfect example. We cannot provide them a perfect example because we are flawed and if they are looking for a reason not to serve God they will just wait for us to slip and then use that as their excuse and we will feel condemned. We need to be intellectually sound concerning matters to the bible and be able to answer the "hard questions" are children ask us.  We must provide to them the best example of what being a Christian is.  However, at the end of the day, if God does not reveal himself to them they still will not be converted. Pray, pray, and pray more, that the God of Abraham, who revealed himself to Isaac and Jacob also do the same for your children.  Our job is not to give up and to keep digging wells and establishing a foundation for our children and keeping our testimony, being prepared for the day when God gives our children an Epiphany of their own.  Many parents give up and then blow their testimony, they stray, some even get divorced and years later, to their surprise their children are converted, but the problem is, they are left to forge it out by themselves rather than have the benefit of someone who went before them. Isaac in his pride tried to do it on his own, but when he came to his senses he went back to his father's wells, re-dug them and even gave them the same names that his father had named them.  Your children may be loud mouthed, rebellious and irreverent right now, but you stay the course, dig those wells and trust that one day, your children will follow in your path and they will drink from those wells that you dug and thank God for you!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Ever had a bad morning? I have, woke up with all the issues and problems of the week just bombarded upon my mind as I woke up in the moring, put me in "not the best mood", to say the least; and so I was cruising down 6th Avenue when this slow poke pulls in front of me, well not today!!! I have no patience, I'm not in any mood for this, so I shift gears and attempt to pass him, as I am attempting to pass him he notices and moves to the left so I can't pass (you're kidding me I thought) does that stop me....NO, I shift into a lower gear to get more torque, he moves over more, now he has me all the way to the left and I almost smash into a car that is parked on the left side of the street, I manuevre between him and the car (just barely) and that's when I saw the siren lights behind me, with a cop car driving as frantically as I was trying to keep up with me. Apparently he saw me pull off of 16th street with a burnt out head light and was following me just to let me know my head light was burnt out until he noticed my "Fast & Furious" driving.  No doubt he read me the riot act, "do you know you're in a residential neighborhood, speeding limit is 25, do you wanna know how fast your were driving?  "Uhgggg, no sir, that's okay"   Cop, "you realize there's kids in this neighborhood, you could have killed a kid, wrecked, you're speeding, passing in a residential neighborhood, I don't know how many codes you just broke, I will have to check, and where can I ask you were you going", asked the offier?  That's where I bowed my head and said, "ughhhhh, i was going to the church down there for prayer".
That's a BAD MORNING.  What did you read today???

Sunday, January 9, 2011

JAN 9 GENESIS 20:1-22:24

Verse 6 gives us insight into what we may already know, and that is that there's grace for us when we sin in ignorance. Honestly as long as I was a sinner I really did think I was Heaven bound, I knew I was not the best, but surely my sins were not ones that would cause be to be hell bound, but when it was revealed to me that they were, I stopped, no longer would I be sinning in ignorance. Thank God there is Grace for when we sin in ignorance, but unfortunately, most often, that is not the case, more often than not it is WILL FULL sin, willfull disobedience, just as the child who knows the rules and intentionally breaks them. I also find it interesting that Abraham has a reasonable explanation for why he lied.  I don't think I've ever lied either without a perfectly good reason, at least "I thought" why I lied. And as is the reason with Abraham, so it is with us, we Fear, fear if we do the right thing or Fear that we "can't" tell the truth, God will not cover us, therefore we must lie.

Friday, January 7, 2011

JAN 7 READING GENESIS 16:1 - 18:19 MTW 6:1-24

There is so much to say from todays reading I thought I would let you all chime in first.  I will say this much though, Abram just wants peace in his home and he's willing to compromise conviction to do that; and that's never right. He knows better than to listen to his wife on this one, but he just wants peace in the home. When his wife becomes frustrated with and bitter with Hagar, he again compromises his convictions and says, "do with her what you want", again, the man just wants peace and now God has to intervene for this poor woman (Hagar) himself. How many times for "peace" do we compromise? We were just talking with our children about this at the dinner table the other night. I told my children, "don't think that parents who allow their children to be lazy and do nothing in the home are nicer parents than us" (although it may seem that way) it is simply that those parents are simply tired of fighting with their kids and are willing just to do it themselves for peace in the home and avoid conflict. Well there may not be any fighting, but that parent(s) has neglected their God given duty to "train up a child" and to teach them, work ethic, right from wrong and morality; even at the cost of some discomfort in the home. 

What are your thoughts on todays reading, there are so many in today's reading.  Did you read today? Chime in...Imagine that God would expect us to wait 14 years for a promise he has made to us, that's unbelievable.....

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I couldn't help but think as Abram victoriously rescues his newphew Lot, that Lot only goes back to the slime. How often have we risked our lives, "so to speak" to rescue family members/and or friends only to see them go back. So what do we do? Keep doing right, because if you will notice, God honors our labors and sacrifices, regardless; you'll notice that this is the beginning of Abram's great blessing.  It is right after this that Abram meets King Melchizedek and he is bless by Him.  Also another interesting note on the reading is Verse 23. Abram will not accept anything from the "heathen king" lest it be said that he made Abram rich. How important that it can be said that God made us rich, that God is the source of our blessing, not some rich uncle. How often have you been tempted to go to unsaved family, that you know has money, and get some help? What are ur thoughts on today's reading? Add ur comments if any.