Monday, January 10, 2011


Ever had a bad morning? I have, woke up with all the issues and problems of the week just bombarded upon my mind as I woke up in the moring, put me in "not the best mood", to say the least; and so I was cruising down 6th Avenue when this slow poke pulls in front of me, well not today!!! I have no patience, I'm not in any mood for this, so I shift gears and attempt to pass him, as I am attempting to pass him he notices and moves to the left so I can't pass (you're kidding me I thought) does that stop me....NO, I shift into a lower gear to get more torque, he moves over more, now he has me all the way to the left and I almost smash into a car that is parked on the left side of the street, I manuevre between him and the car (just barely) and that's when I saw the siren lights behind me, with a cop car driving as frantically as I was trying to keep up with me. Apparently he saw me pull off of 16th street with a burnt out head light and was following me just to let me know my head light was burnt out until he noticed my "Fast & Furious" driving.  No doubt he read me the riot act, "do you know you're in a residential neighborhood, speeding limit is 25, do you wanna know how fast your were driving?  "Uhgggg, no sir, that's okay"   Cop, "you realize there's kids in this neighborhood, you could have killed a kid, wrecked, you're speeding, passing in a residential neighborhood, I don't know how many codes you just broke, I will have to check, and where can I ask you were you going", asked the offier?  That's where I bowed my head and said, "ughhhhh, i was going to the church down there for prayer".
That's a BAD MORNING.  What did you read today???