Thursday, January 20, 2011


     Recently Alabama Republican Robert Bentley Apologized for Saying in a Speech that Only Christians are His `Brothers` and `Sisters.  Was he reading his One Year Bible too and got all pumped up? Is this coincidence? This story came out right around the same time as the Jan 19 reading  in Mathew where Jesus' mother and brothers are wanting to speak to him, "someone told him, your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you. He (Jesus) replied, and who are my brothers? For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sisters and mother".  What was he (Robert Bentley) thinking when he said in his speech that "only Christians are his Brothers and Sisters? Did he forget for a moment that he is a politician FIRST and servant of God SECOND?  Was he stirred for a moment, zealous for the Lord, stirred by the words of the Lord Jesus that he read that morning? Who knows....what we do know is he apologized afterwards?!?!  Should Jesus have apologized too?  Should you also apologize? It much persecution you are willing to endure, it depends on whether you desire the praises of God more than the praises of men, it depends of whether you want the acceptance of your family more than Gods. This is a difficult concept to accept, that God, the God of Love and Peace would cause you problems, would cause division in your relationships and so it is good to read this scripture often to remind us.  Does it sound cultish, sure it does, does it sound fanatical, sure it does, would anyone ever beleive that Jesus (God) actually endorses this? No they would not, even if you showed them, they would think there must be another meaning to what he is saying. However it is the truth, RIGHT NOW there are many that are distant and suffering conflict in a relationship because of this truth and it seems that if you were to ignore this scripture you could do more good in bringing healing to this or these relationships, but the harsh reality is that there are people on earth that are our blood family that 1 million years into eternity will be nothing more than a distant memory, that truly are family, our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers will be those that do the will of God and inherit eternal life with us.  WHAT WAS HE THINKING??? The answer is, "he wasn't" he simply spoke the truth from his heart; and it is when he began to think that he realized the damage he had done to his political carreer by utering such a controversial truth. Be careful of thinking to much, lest you out think yourself right out of your God given convictions!