Monday, January 24, 2011


     We can worry that destiny can be messed up by some one's incompetence, but God is able yet to prevail, He is the God who works ALL things out according to HIS WILL and purpose. Joseph is angry that his boys' destiny has been left to a senile, old man and he is not going to let this screw up happen. We feel like we have to intervene and fix things before God lets it get, all messed up. "If God isn't going to intervene here then I'm going to have too!", Joseph thinks to himself, "Why is God going to sit idly by and allow this grave mistake to happen?" But yet we see that God is able to prevail according to his will, his purposes and even through a half senile, old man. Hindsight of course is always 20/20 vision. However put yourself in this situation, or perhaps you've been in other situations similar, where it looked like God was obviously to busy or perhaps indifferent and was not going to do YOU DID!  Maybe you intervened like Joseph did; except unlike Joseph, you were never told you were actually the one who messed things up by intervening. Perhaps even 'till this day you've never realized you were the one who messed things up when you intervened. It is best to trust God and never try to intervene when we think God has checked out, because he has not checked out, he has not left destiny and critical decisions in the hands of incompetent or senile people, He is the God who does, is and is more than able to work out his purposes on his own, without our help, if we will simply step back and trust, even as we watch the old man bless the younger, instead of the older. We must be able to trust and say, "surely God sees what is happening here and is more than able, should this be a blunder, to work all things out according to his knowledge, counsel and purpose. How shocked and embarrassed Joseph must have been when his father turned to him and said, " I know exactly what I'm doing?"  Do you hear the voice of God in that?