Friday, January 28, 2011

JAN 28 "I'M NOT MOVED...."

     THE SERMON is not always going to work. "say to the Israelites..." and verse 6 to 8 is basically a "God is with you Sermon" and the response...??? Verse 9 "they did not listen because of their discouragement".  Ever been there? Ever been so discouraged by your circumstances that the "God is with you" sermon bounces right off of you like bullets off of Superman.  "Sorry, Moses, preacher, pastor, friend....I'm not moved by your "pump me up" words, I'll be moved when my circumstances change AND ONLY THEN!  So how does God respond to this? Verse 10 "Then the Lord said to Moses, Go tell Pharoah".  God says, "alright, that didn't work, let's go to Pharoah".   This is the God we serve, He really does have empathy for his people and He is gracious. "okay, they didn't receive the message I gave them that I love them and I'm for them, and maybe because of the situtaion they are in, no problem, I have another avenue we can go", says God (paraphrased by Richard). If God is often not a dictator, why are we? We need to have empathy for each other and realize that allot of times our speeches, our little sermonettes and scripture quotes are simply not going to be enough to lift those that we are trying to help, out of their discouragement. So what do we do then? Get angry, turn our backs on them and stop trying or do we show empathy and search another avenue to help them? God why shouldn't we!  I am the worse (or maybe you are!) to try to encourage with scripture and sermonettes when I am discouraged, I already know all the scripture; often what I need is simply the circumstances to change and the strength and patience to endure until things change. "But they did not listen to him, because of their discouragement and cruel bondage", that says it all!