Friday, January 7, 2011

JAN 7 READING GENESIS 16:1 - 18:19 MTW 6:1-24

There is so much to say from todays reading I thought I would let you all chime in first.  I will say this much though, Abram just wants peace in his home and he's willing to compromise conviction to do that; and that's never right. He knows better than to listen to his wife on this one, but he just wants peace in the home. When his wife becomes frustrated with and bitter with Hagar, he again compromises his convictions and says, "do with her what you want", again, the man just wants peace and now God has to intervene for this poor woman (Hagar) himself. How many times for "peace" do we compromise? We were just talking with our children about this at the dinner table the other night. I told my children, "don't think that parents who allow their children to be lazy and do nothing in the home are nicer parents than us" (although it may seem that way) it is simply that those parents are simply tired of fighting with their kids and are willing just to do it themselves for peace in the home and avoid conflict. Well there may not be any fighting, but that parent(s) has neglected their God given duty to "train up a child" and to teach them, work ethic, right from wrong and morality; even at the cost of some discomfort in the home. 

What are your thoughts on todays reading, there are so many in today's reading.  Did you read today? Chime in...Imagine that God would expect us to wait 14 years for a promise he has made to us, that's unbelievable.....