Sunday, January 9, 2011

JAN 9 GENESIS 20:1-22:24

Verse 6 gives us insight into what we may already know, and that is that there's grace for us when we sin in ignorance. Honestly as long as I was a sinner I really did think I was Heaven bound, I knew I was not the best, but surely my sins were not ones that would cause be to be hell bound, but when it was revealed to me that they were, I stopped, no longer would I be sinning in ignorance. Thank God there is Grace for when we sin in ignorance, but unfortunately, most often, that is not the case, more often than not it is WILL FULL sin, willfull disobedience, just as the child who knows the rules and intentionally breaks them. I also find it interesting that Abraham has a reasonable explanation for why he lied.  I don't think I've ever lied either without a perfectly good reason, at least "I thought" why I lied. And as is the reason with Abraham, so it is with us, we Fear, fear if we do the right thing or Fear that we "can't" tell the truth, God will not cover us, therefore we must lie.