Monday, February 28, 2011


     Very rarely did Jesus speak and then speak again on the same subject, later on. But there are cases in the Gospels where a subject came up, that Jesus had more than one quick retort and this subject is one of those that provoked Jesus to say more than just one quick retort. If this was paraphrased in modern day venacular Jesus would have said, "you don't even want to go there!"  But...they did. "So what about this divorce thing Jesus", the Pharisees asked (paraphrased by me).  You want to talk about the "D" word, let's talk...The ONLY REASON "Moses"(not I) permitted divorce was because of the hardness of your hearts! You want to know what I say, I say "what God has joined together let man not seprate".  What's interesting in our text is that it is written, "when they were in the house again" the subject comes up AGAIN.  And AGAIN Jesus has more to say on the subject.  Jesus isn't done with this subject that obviously has vexed him and the pharissees have opened up a can of worms they should not have opened.  "I tell you what else says Jesus, "anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her. And if she divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery!!! Now I'm done!!! So there, you wanted to know about divorce, now you have it!(paraphrased by me)  We might say, "easy there big guy....I was just asking a question".  But there are some questions you may not want to ask God unless you're ready to get a mouthful because some issues really touch on the heart of God just like some issues are real sensitive with us and people better not ask us what we think unless they are ready to get blasted, so to speak.  Divorce is a touchy subject with God and it ought to be.  There are very few things that God has ordained "to be" that he has allowed to be otherwise....AND what I find interesting is God stands behind his man, and that would be Moses. He (Jesus) says, "Moses wrote you this law"  this wasn't my doing, I"m gonna stand behind my man but I'll tell you where I stand on the issue, "I don't accept it, regardless of what Moses permitted and I'll tell you this, go ahead and divorce, Moses permitted it, but you'd better not remarry or I'm holding your feet to the fire on this; except where there has been infedelity (this we read later on) (paraphrased by me). With all that said, I would say we still need to have empathy, I did not say sympathy, but empathy for those in a difficult marriage and those considering divorce. We need to always admonish that it is not God's will, but yet empathy (not sympathy) will go a long way.  For those of us that are in marriages that divorce has never been a thought, we cannot understand what is in to be like in a relationship where hate, disdain, and bitterness has taken over and we can be quick to judge and not be at all compassionate, but God has always cautioned us to be very careful about be quick to Judge. It is not God's will, that we know, it is not what God had planned, that we know, but we and God also know it's a reality of life and I beleive our best approach to divorce would be to learn from those that have gone down that road, have empathy for them, but not sympathy, make clear it is not God's will and most important, make sure it never happens to you and I, within all our means and ability.  And for those that have you need to reconcile that with God and your spiritual headship, if you haven't already, and for those that have not divorced do everything within your means to make sure you don't divorce. Many people reading this blog may have tons of questions concerning this subject and I adivse you to seek the counsel of your Pastors.  Comments are always welcome, but questions on this matter, should always be direted towards your spiritual headship.