Tuesday, March 8, 2011


     ONE of our favorite statements is "he puts his pants on in the morning the same way I do", I hate that expression! I dare to question that statement and it's implications.  The implications are obvious, "he's not special, he's a man just like I am, who does he think he is, he's not better than me, etc..etc..." and I would say the only truth there is "he's no better than me", but that's where it should start and end; when we take it further we've taken it to far. No man is better than another man, but to try to put all men and all women on equal footing is a great falacy and often times is just an elixor for our mediocrocy and laxadasialness in spiritual matters. No man is better than another man, but clearly, some men, some women "do have something we do not" and if we are wise we would desire what they have. God makes a clear distinction between Moses and "the others". God makes it clear, " I will take the spirit that is upon you and put it on them". God says, "you have something they do not!", "you have a spirit that they do not possess and it's a good spirit".  "they don't have it, they are not the same, etc...etc..."Well he puts his pants on the same way I do", so what ! I say.  Can we be honest enough to look at our lives and say, "he's got it, I don't"  "she's got it, I don't". Paul said, "pattern your life after mine"  is that a bold and conceited statement? No it is not, do you think Paul is not able to disern the different spirit he has?  Do you think Moses didn't notice the difference between himself and others? Moses is up on the mountain praying, "the others" are dancing naked around a fire.  Is it wrong that God would put brothers and sisters in our lives and then give us a desire to want ot emulate their passion, their spirit? Yes Moses put on his pants in the morning like others (actually it would have been a robe) but God made a distinction between Moses and others and we should never be so naive or deceived to think "we're all the same" cause clearly we are not.  Let us be humble enough to admit, that each and every one of us, would do well to admit, that surely we could use some of the spirit that is upon that brother or sister, yes it would do us well, "Lord, put the spirit that is upon Moses (or whomever) upon me!"