Friday, April 8, 2011


     GOD must be one of the most gracious entities we will ever know.  Bosses, go off on workers because they have failed or messed up their plans, family members cast us off because in their eyes, we have failed, friends lose respect for us when we fail or under achieve, but yet God, who's plans are Divine and have eternal ramifications is able to work with us when we fail him miserably and mess everything up.  He is able to get over his anger and still love us and even more important, still want to work with us in other endeavors. WOW!!  How gracious God is with Moses in this text, he simply tells Moses, "you messed up, you're not going in, now go up to Mount Nebo and there you will see the Land I am giving to the Israelites, but you won't go in because you failed me at the waters of Meribah Kadesh." [paraphrased by me].  When people fail us in our plans we want to "rip their heads off" (so to speak), read them the "riot act", "how could you, what's wrong with you....etc...." we go off, we condemn, we belittle, we swear we will never use them again, after all, our plans they have royally messed up.  I am grateful that we have a God that does not deal with us as we deserve! I am glad we serve a God who gives GRACE.  Grace is what I need, and I am glad he gives it to me ( question is do we give it to others as much as we expect it from God).  PLAN B is something (unbelievably) that God works with and he does not condemn us (though he could) that we are in PLAN B.  I have a harder time with PLAN B for my life than God does, yet it is his plans I messed up. So why am I more upset, why am I less capable of dealing with a PLAN B for my life, than God is? Why does He accept PLAN B when I cannot?  Each of us, or I should say most of us have messed up PLAN A. Most of us have failed and let God down. Thence, God has had to re-arrange things around for us. It was God's will for Moses to lead his people into the promised land. It was God's will that Moses enter the promised land and be blessed, but it will not be so, it's going to be Joshua.  However, be that as it may, God in his compassion and grace works with Moses in his failure.  We can become consumed with self pity and depression knowing we are in PLAN B, or we can get a proper perspective about it, move on and avoid a PLAN C!   It is good to reflect upon our mistakes and learn from them, but when we choose to dwell there in self pity we have crossed the line. God will allow us our time of mourning, but eventually he says, "okay, you have had your time to mourn, now it's time to get up and move on and continue to walk with me, I have more for you if you will get up, humble your pride and throw off self pity. Peter wanted to be the perfect disciple for Jesus (don't we all), Peter wanted nothing more than to make Jesus proud of him, but he failed miserably. Where would we be if Peter was not able to accept that he failed miserably, would always have that scar against his record, but yet had to get up and press on with his imperfect, flawed and failed attempts. Chances are you reading this blog have messed up your tract record, your record, as with most of us (including Peter, David, Moses, etc..etc...) has quite a few mess ups but yet the hope is, God is more than willing to re-arrange and re-create and work with us in a PLAN B, the question is, are we?