Thursday, May 5, 2011

     I prefer to write blogs that relate to the masses; rather than the few. However, today is an exception just like our text.  Jesus is playing (to use a sporting terminology) at a level that the disciples cannot relate to. Professional athletes, and even within the professionals, there are the elite, that function at a completely different level. There are many Christians in the world, but how many of those Christians can relate to what Jesus is speaking of.  Have you ever been so enthralled by what God was doing in and through you, that the last thing on your mind was food. It's not that you had eaten either, eventually you will come down and be starving and replenish yourself, but at that time, you are not hungry in the least. The disciples cannot understand why Jesus isn't starving, and he might have been, had he not just experienced a surge of God running through his veins as he witnessed to this woman in such a supernatural way, he appetite has been vanquished by the Spirit of God running through him. Jesus says,  "34 Then Jesus explained: “My nourishment comes from doing the will of God".  Jesus is not trying to come off as super spiritual, it's just a simply stated fact, one that at this point in their lives, the disciples cannot relate to, can you? Have you ever been here, where nothing is more fulfilling, more exciting than having God work in and through your life. It snuffs out every other fleshly appetite at that moment. I've been involved in some witnesses where I felt this, all hunger vanquished, nothing else mattered as I could feel God ministering through me and in me, but out of the corner of my eye I could see my brothers in Christ checking their watches and looking irritated because we were already late for a lunch engagement at a Restaurant. In their minds, it was, "finish up already and let's go eat!" And quite frankly I must be honest, I've been on both sides of the story.  Jesus says, "I have a food you know nothing about".  And I would say many fall into this place. Our mindset is, "Christianity is the right way to live, it's a good way to raise our children, it's a better/quality life and heaven is not bad either" but very few ever tap into this food that Jesus is speaking of. If they labour, it's out of good conscience, it they do helps ministry, it's because it's the "right thing to do" but never do they cross the threshold and get to the point of realizing that we can enter into a domain with God where now we are not only doing what we do because "it's the right thing to do" (thought that's not bad in itself) but we are doing what we do because it feeds us, nourishes us, brings us to life like nothing else in this world can. I have a food you know not of. I have worked with people and have had disciples that have followed me and followed my example but never crossed into this threshold. It was always about, "let's do our good deed for God and go home and sleep well knowing we've done our deeds/works for God" never understanding that we can't enter beyond that realm. As I said earlier, there are athletes that play at a completely differently level than even those playing along side them. And there are Christians that are function with other Christians right along side them but they are functioning on a completely different level, “I have a kind of food you know nothing about.” bold statement to make, but true regardless!