Wednesday, May 11, 2011


     THERE is always going to be those moments that we say secretly to ourselves, " I knew this was right" even though we felt premonitions by God that it was not. This will be a short lived victory for Israel. At this point, Israel is on a high for sure. They asked and begged for a King against the counsel of Samuel and God and eventually God let them have what they wanted, even though He, in his omniscience knew it would not be good for them.  Yes, Israel is on a emotional high right now.  They wanted a King, God a king and not through their King they have just conquered Jabesh Gilead who was threatening to destroy Israel.   News gets back to Saul that Gilead is threatening them, he becomes outraged, rallies the armies together and they have a decisive victory over Gilead. So excited and emotional are the people that they "reaffirm the Kingship" verse 14, there is a great celebration, the people are jubilant and long forgotten are the words of God, that this wanting and setting up a King will not be good.  "There they sacrificed fellowship offerings (don't know who they're sacrificing to, the God they just dissed?) before the Lord and Saul and all the Israelites held a great celebration".
         Not to sound redundant, but let me say again,....there is always going to be those moments that we say secretly to ourselves, " I knew this was right" even though we felt premonitions by God or received Godly counsel that it was not.  Don't think because you disobey the Lord or Godly counsel that all hell is going to break loose right away. You may have short lived victories at first and it may seem that somehow disobeying worked out FOR THE BEST, but time is often a great vindicator of The Almighty God. "See God, we know better" of course you will never say those words, but you think them and your life is evidence of it.  "Don't be unequally yoked with unbelievers" what do we do....we go out and marry a sinner, force them to come out to church with us and say "see God, we know better" and it may seem to be working out at first and we secretly say to ourselves "aha, I disobeyed, I put God's word to the test, it's just a bluff, this is working out" but wait....time is a vindicator of The Almighty God.  We say, " I hear the preacher threaten us, according to God's word, every week-end, that if we don't read our bibles and pray we will not do well and may backslide, ha! It's a bluff, I don't do any of those and I am doing better than some that do".  Wait, time is often a vindicator of the Almighty God. THE POINT: Be very careful about allowing short lived victories to reinforce our disobedience and rebellious heart towards God. They will be short lived and the consequences to pay WILL NOT be short lived. DON'T be deceived, God will not be mocked, we will reap what we sow in accordance to God's word. You will never be able to point the finger at God and say, "see, I didn't do what you said and it has worked out anyway, in your face!" Oh I know we don't say this verbally, but He hears it echo in our hearts. What do you want, that God's still small voice is saying NOOOOOOOOOO?