Monday, May 16, 2011


     Can you imagine telling the Son of God (Jesus) He has a demon spirit? Can anyone really be that blind and can I say....STUPID!  They have the audacity to tell Jesus they know God and that he has demon spirits.  What's sad is when you're this blind not only can you not recognize God, you can't recognize the devil either.  They condemn Jesus, God in the flesh and they barter and trade with Judas, whom Satan had entered.
     So what is Jesus' response? Jesus tells them, "my Father, whom you claim is your God" .....then Jesus goes on to tell them, "you don't know him, I know him, but you don't".
     Ever had someone try to tell you they know someone, that you personally know and you can tell that they are lieing through their teeth. How do you know....because you know that person too well. Jesus knows The Father and he beyond a shadow of a doubt knows that these men do not know God. Jesus knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that these men, who claim The Father "as their God" are clueless and full of lies".  Jesus is not afraid to call them on it.  Why are we so afraid to call people on their false presumptions about God. Why do we allow people to talk about God as if they know him, when they aint got a clue!  We are so afraid to Judge, we allow people to get off with shear deception and hypocrisy. It does them know good to allow them to continue in a deluded state and it does us no good to walk away feeling like a coward. People think they can get away with saying the know God (when they don't) for the same reason they think they can get-a-way with it when speaking of a person....and that reason is....they don't realize somebody actually knows that person. Who actually knows God anyway, who can contradict me?  When the twin towers collapsed on 911 a news station asked the great evangelist, Billy Graham,  "in times like this how do you know God is real, do you wonder if God really exists?"  Billy Graham answered, "no I don't". The news reported responded, "how can you be so sure?"  Billy Graham responded, "because I spoke with him this morning!".  This probably seemed like a trite answer to the news reporter, but it is not. The in-crowds, them movers and shakers, the rich and famous do not know God and it is how for them to understand someone who says they do.  It is a concept they cannot conceive in their minds, so they dismiss it. "You're crazy", they will say or in Jesus case, "you have a demon spirit. So the question that begs to be answered is, "can mankind truly know God the Father, is it possible for man to really have a relationship with God?" Religion is safe, it allows you to have some kind of relative connection with God. It is tolerable to society, it has man as it's root and it can be understood, but when we remove religion, by-pass and claim to actually have a relationship with God and not some religion you will always stand out, you will always seem a little off track and you will convince very few of your position.  Will you, will we stand alongside Jesus, and at the risk of sounding crazy, at the risk of people saying derogatory things about you, will you risk a social death and say, " I KNOW GOD, I SPOKE WITH HIM THIS MORNING?" Will we challenge those that claim to know God or will we keep silent and let people perish in their delusion?