Wednesday, December 28, 2011


     "HOW far is this kid going to take this before I have to knock him off his feet", ever wonder that?  How far will an employee take his insolence before his employer is left with no choice but to fire him? How far will a soldier take his insubordination before his superior must write him up or court martial him? And the question of all how far will the creation (man) take his arrogance, pride and audacity against his creator?  And the answer to that is "to no ends".   Will he (the created) defy the creator? Yes
Will he rebel against his creator, Yes.  Will he shake his first at his creator, Yes!  But will he go so far as to FIGHT his creator....???? YES 19 Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage war against the rider on the horse and his army." 
     "Are you serious, you are going to wage war against God?"  This is the end, the culmination of man's pride to his own destruction. How far will man take his pride and arrogance, to no ends, to the point where if left to his own way, he (man) would attempt to destroy his own creator. Is this a bad nightmare or a Hollywood horror show? No, it's real. Perhaps this is where the writer/director received his inspiration for Frankenstein.  This is what God has created in many ways; His creation has literally  turned into a monster and in our text wants to kill him (again). The only thing is this is not fictional Hollywood but real life! Is this an insult to God? I think not, God himself said in Genesis that he regretted making mankind and would destroy them all, except for Noah and his family. 
     There are only two types of "man" on the earth; the one that says, "Lord, thy will be done" and the man that says, "God, may my will be done".  One will submit unto his creator and do his will and be blessed; the other will rebel against his creator, be cursed, force his will and die.  Which are you?
Most will say, "well those are two extremes, I fall somewhere in the middle".  Oh really, is there a such a thing as a middle?
     Oprah Winfrey once said on her television show, "what is it with God, it seems like he has an ego problem that he constantly wants to be worshipped, I have a problem with that".  Was that the start of a mood that would swing across our nation and world that would one day say "Amen" to that, "who is this God anyway that we should worship him and do His will?!".  Frank Sinatra way before Oprah sang a song that resonated with Americans all across the country, "I did it my way".  The lyrics go as follows...."I took the blows, but let the record show, I did it my way".  What was Frank's way?  Immorality, mafia connections, illegal activity, drugs, alcohol abuse, divorce, wrecked lives, devastated children, etc...etc....Had Frank been alive, if Oprah is alive at the battle of Armageddon, will they join ranks with these they want to wage war against Christ? Which side will you be fighting on if you are alive....oh yeah, I forgot, you're in the middle.
     There is no end to the arrogance of man, left to his own, but fortunately God does not leave man to his own for ever, here in Jesus Christ's awesome conquest, he crushes the arrogance of man and the beast that fuels the pride of man.  What man doesn't realize, is that when he rages against his creator he does not represent a superior being at all, although in his pride he seems himself as better, more educated, enlightened and sophisticated, but in all reality he shows himself to be a fallen being, he shows himself to be as low, as hideous as Lucifer himself who was the first to fight God. He associates himself with the lowly, the scoundrel, the hideous, the host of which he will himself spend the rest of eternity with.  A place that God himself says was not prepared for man but for the devil and his angels, but man in the spirit of the devil (rather than his creator) has chosen to align himself with this fallen creation, this beast and in so doing he confines himself with this creature, to the depths of hell for all eternity.  Is there an end to the arrogance of man? Yes, and we can literally "THANK GOD" for that one!