Sunday, December 4, 2011


      BEAR with me those of you that are less than sports enthusiasts because there is a valuable lesson in life to be learned here.  I was recently coaching my son's (Jeremy) football team in a game and I'll can still vividly remember his face when I told him, "Jeremy, we're gonna have to punt".  Jeremy looked at me as if it was the end of the world, as if he had loss the game.  And I believe that many times in life, this is also how we react when we have to concede to a less than perfect outcome from our best intended efforts.
     The aim in football of course is to get First Downs and the ultimate aim of course is to SCORE, to score touchdowns specifically. However, not ever drive is going to lead to a first down or a touch down.  The fact is ssometimes in football we must concede that our efforts have not brought us a touch down and not even a first down conversion and we must accept, rather than blow it all, we must accept that we have to punt the ball and drive the opposition that much further into their territory and wait for another opportunity to build upon the gain we have acquired.
     Recently I was in a situation where I made a very good effort, unfortunately my efforts did not produce the intended outcome I had anticipated, in other words, no touchdown, no first down.  At that point, I was tempted to just let it the situation go... I'm just gonna......(and it was not good) and then this thought came to me, "don't be fooled, you've made some good ground, just punt the ball" and I was reminded of convincing my son, just the day before that we had made good ground, we should accept that, punt and wait to get the ball back. Football is taking the field inch by inch, yard by yard from the opposition. It's a 100 yard field, and if you're going to be a realist and succeed in this game, you must realize that you are not going to go a 100 yards in once possession of the ball.  Does it ever happen? Yes, at times it happens, but it is not the norm.  At times in life your one time effort does bring some pretty amazing results, but by and large, in life, just like football, it is one good effort after another that finally brings the intended result.  As you continue to steadily advance and make progress, eventually you find yourself in his end zone with a touchdown.
     What efforts have you made lately to get a head, either in your health, marriage, finances and/or a relationship and your efforts have failed to produce what you had hoped for and now you are ready just to become undone, to quit, to give up? My advice to you today is don't do that, why don't I just suggest to you... "just punt the ball, the game is not over!! You will get another opportunity and then I encourage you to make another effort. Still not the results you had hoped for, punt again; believe it or not, you are making ground. Eventually if you are consistent in this you will eventually get a 1st down or a touchdown. 
    Simply said, sometimes in life with  the best of our efforts we need to accept that we have to punt; accept the gains we have made and wait for the next opportunity to make some more gains.  Punting in not concerting to defeat, it is simply an acknowledgement that your efforts at this particular time have not knocked down the wall, they have not opened up that persons heart, they have not finally put you over financially, they have not convinced that individual and not have put a miracle in your physical health, but you know you are going to get another opportunity and you will once again take advantage when you do get the chance, to drive the opposition, the strife, the contention, oppression and sickness, back again.
      The problem is we treat every bad event, circumstance & relationship like there is only seconds left in the game.  Having to concede to a punt, when you are losing, with only seconds left in the game is pretty much acknowledgment that you have lost the game, but in life, we don't have just seconds left, time is on our side if we will not squander it.  Not to say that any of us are guaranteed tomorrow, but chances are, unless we are in our 80's or 90's, that we have time, we will have another opportunity, we will get the ball back one, two, three or more times and we will make more gains, we will press the opposition that much further back and if we do not score a touchdown, we will punt, accept that we have made more gains, more progress and wait again for the next opportunity.