Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SEPT 26 Judged by our hearts; not actions

Isaiah 39:4

Most commentators would agree that Hezekiah was not so much judged for what he did, but for what was in his heart. These are the enemies of God, they represent "Status Quo", the rich, the mighty, the influential and famous, but they are ungodly and yet, something yearns in Hezekiah to be accepted and respected by them. After all that God has done for Hezekiah, how easily is God dissed when these prominent men come knocking at Hezekiah's door.  Jehovah....Jehovah who???

The Heart is the critical issue in both physical and spiritual health.

Never mind how straight or squeeky clean you think your actions are, God is looking right through your actions and right in to your heart.

This is why Jesus said, "unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God".  How can our righteouness surpass theirs?  Well, simply by not only doing the right things, but by doing the right actions with the right motives.

Example, I have to confess myself, that there were some days that the strongest motivating factor in my showing up for morning prayer, was to be seen by my Pastor.  Often our actions look "good" but God sees the heart.

This is also why Jesus is not impressed with men who have not physically cheated on thier wives. Some men are not foolish enough to do so, they know it would ruin their lives and many their positions, the issue is not have you physically cheated on your wife, but what lurks in your heart?

Who are you craving to be accepted by?  Who's admiration do you value more, the world's or God's? We know what your answer will be of course, but God will look at our heart for the answer to that question.

Given the opportunity, as Hezekiah, would you put God aside to be accepted by the mighty and powerful, would you keep your mouth shut around such people to be accepted by them?

It is a very scarry thought and can also be discouraging to know that one day we will be judged not for our actions, but for what was is in our hearts. 

However, God says He can give us a new heart.

We must constantly "guard our hearts with all deligence, for out of it springs the issues of life".

About a year ago, I had someone prophecy over me that God was going to "give me a new heart" and my first thought was...."what's wrong with my heart?"  I mean I could understand getting that word coming in to the church as a sinner, but to receive that word after serving God for 20 + years???

Then a few months later received another word that God wanted to use me, and if I would "get my heart right" ......

I was bewildered...involved in everything in my church that I could possibly be involved in, how could my heart not be right???

Are we open to receive that our hearts are not right, are not pure as the driven snow or do we get to a place in our walk with God where we think there's nothign wrong with our hearts?

Hezekiah, did many things right, but he had some unresolved issues in his heart and given the right set of circumstances they were bound to come out and they did.

Could we be the same? Could we have unresolved issues in our hearts and given the right set of circumstances, God forbid, who knows what sins we might commit?