Sunday, January 13, 2013


If you will notice, it is Abram's father who first sets out for Canaan. Terah tells his young son Abram, that they are setting out for Canaan. I wonder if Abram ever asks his father, "dad, I know we stopped here to rest and all, but when are we going to pick up and move to Canaan? Remember you used to talk of Canaan, why are we settling here in Haran?" Maybe Terah got comfortable in Haran and dreaded more arduous travel through the desert, who wouldn't.
     However, it is no coincidence that when his father dies that God appears to Abram and says what? He says, "pick up and go to Canaan". Does God have to wait for you to die to carry
out his plans through your children? God never forgot about Canaan and thought, "Haran...okay, Haran is good". No, its Canaan, but what about Ha....Canaan, Canaan, Canaan!"
      We speak big and boisterous things before our kids and don't think they don't remember and don't think they don't realize that you have settled for less than what you had spoke and once felt called by God to accomplish.
      No doubt it is easy to put away. in the back of our minds. the original plan, its normal to just settle in and become comfortable where you are at. I would caution you about settling in a place or a mind set, to quote on quote " just rest" because you may very well die there.

Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7th "What about Lot?"

We read about the 3 Angels discussing Lot's future and Abraham's future.  Clearly the verse states "Abraham had been chosen" which makes me wonder, what about Lot?  The verse goes on to describe that the promises made about Abraham would come to pass, which makes me wonder again, what about Lot, what about his promises?  Clearly, unless you are as blind as a bat, there is a clear distinction between the destiny of these two men.  God has something special in store for Abraham, Abraham is not just going to be your average Joe in life, or should I say, your average Lot in life. Now I understand Lot made plenty of bad mistakes in his life, but EVEN IF HE HADN'T, Lot would never have been an Abraham. And I believe it is important for us to understand this.  We know that God is "no respecter" of persons, He loves us all and does not play favorites, but that does not mean that He does not have different destinies for different men/people.  Not all will be "The Greats" at least not how we see "great". The point is, is that no matter how hard we try, no matter how bad we may "want to be" a particular person, in a particular ministry, it has to be in God's plan.  If we have Lots in life trying to be Abraham's, they will find themselves always frustrated and self condemned.  "Why does he seem to achieve and attain all and yet I....".  You will note that Abraham is not trying to conjure or trying to manipulate any of these events to be, it is simply happening to him by God's pursuit of him.  While other's might be fasting and seeking for a heavenly vision, Abraham is not, he's relaxing, not even thinking of this, when the Angels appear to him.  You will find in the Church, that those who are desperately trying to make some "destiny" come to pass, never seem to attain it (that God never intended) while other's, who are just simply serving God, going about their business simply walk right in to the will of God.  It's not to say that we can be slothful and undisciplined and think it will all happen anyway, but we can also see in God's word that God will be very strong and proactive in bringing his will, to pass in our lives.  We have to be careful about Preacher's who make us feel like anybody can be "an Abraham"; nothing could be further from the truth.  And what happens is the man or woman who embraces that false idea and sets out with all their might to be an Abraham but yet finds it evading them at every turn, will become discouraged. What happens is the individual begins to feel like there is something wrong with them, they begin to feel condemned, they begin to think that the reason it's not happening is because they're not trying hard enough, because they're not praying enough, because they're not .....doing this or that....well, Abraham from the very beginning has done nothing, but obey. And don't get me wrong, obedience is a very important factor in entering in to God's destiny, but this was nothing Abraham concocted.  It was always God pursuing Abraham for these plans and Abraham responding in obedience.
     Yes in life you have to fight for what you want, you have to fight for what God wants for you, but first and foremost, it has to be what God wants for you.  It cannot be what Preacher's have thought God wants for you, it cannot be what you think God wants for you, it cannot be what you think would be great "to do for him" it has to be God pursuing you with his plans for you and you obeying.  The truth is, you will find in life that many people who have accomplished great things for God, fought him and resisted him.  How does this flow with the theory of the preacher who says, you must fight and take your destiny. These men, fought alright, they fought "against God".
      Don't allow people to convince you that anyone can be an Abraham. You clearly see in this text and all over God's word that God calls specific people, for specific purposes in specific places.  We should not envy the Abraham's in life, they are simply doing what God has called them to due and our duty as a Christian is simply to do what God has called us to do.  If that be being a pillar in a local church and raising Godly Children and being a testimony in our community, then you will be greatly rewarded for doing what God called you to be.  The simple truth in this text is that God had chosen Abraham and not Lot. It's not that he liked Abraham more than Lot, it's not because Lot was going to royally screw up (because so did David and that didn't stop God from using David) it is SIMPLY BECAUSE GOD CHOSE ABRAHAM AND NOT LOT.
      Are you frustrated trying to be an Abraham, trying to pursue this "great thing" (or at least what you see as great) that you want to be but yet year after year it simply evades you while other's seem to attain it?  Maybe it's time to reconsider, because you don't have to force and manipulate for God's destiny to come to pass in your life, divine providence will bring it to pass.  David was in the field shepherding sheep while other's were conniving and killing to be King, but yet who became King?
 If you will keep your heart right, with both God and men, be faithful, live pure and righteously, I can assure you, God will bring his will to pass in your life; the issue is maybe that you are having a hard time accepting his will, his lot for you.  Solomon wrote that the greatest thing in life is for man to enjoy his toilsome labors under the sun, to accept his lot in life and be happy, this is a gift from God!