Sunday, January 13, 2013


If you will notice, it is Abram's father who first sets out for Canaan. Terah tells his young son Abram, that they are setting out for Canaan. I wonder if Abram ever asks his father, "dad, I know we stopped here to rest and all, but when are we going to pick up and move to Canaan? Remember you used to talk of Canaan, why are we settling here in Haran?" Maybe Terah got comfortable in Haran and dreaded more arduous travel through the desert, who wouldn't.
     However, it is no coincidence that when his father dies that God appears to Abram and says what? He says, "pick up and go to Canaan". Does God have to wait for you to die to carry
out his plans through your children? God never forgot about Canaan and thought, "Haran...okay, Haran is good". No, its Canaan, but what about Ha....Canaan, Canaan, Canaan!"
      We speak big and boisterous things before our kids and don't think they don't remember and don't think they don't realize that you have settled for less than what you had spoke and once felt called by God to accomplish.
      No doubt it is easy to put away. in the back of our minds. the original plan, its normal to just settle in and become comfortable where you are at. I would caution you about settling in a place or a mind set, to quote on quote " just rest" because you may very well die there.