Thursday, July 25, 2013


It never even occurred to Asa that he might be able to defeat the King of Aram. Asa is already intimidated by Israel, but King Aram, he thinks is a super power. He puts his trust in this mighty super power to defeat Israel. Did it never occur to Asa that not only could God take care of Israel for him, but that God would even make him defeat this bigger than life, ruler, King Aram? And of course the answer is a definitive...NO, it never occured to him. Asa is shocked when it is brought to his attention, by the prophet Hanani, that God was going to have him defeat this King Aram, never mind, little, squeably Israel. It was all there, for the taking. Hard pill to swollow! I wondered as I was reading this how many opportunities I've missed myself because I just never thought.....never considered...??? Some of the garbage we are living in, the miserable circumstances we're having to endure is for this exact reason. For some reason, in that moment, that season, that year, we were not at our best spiritually and totally relied on the "arm of the flesh" and human ingenuity, to get us through, rather than beleive God. And now we are left to deal with the ramifications of that decision.  The worse part of all this is Asa can't deal with the news that he screwed up badly and missed an incredible opportunity. I've been there and it's a hard pill to swallow.  Rather than accept that he screwed up royally and move on, Asa becomes angry and bitter with God. In his narcissistic mind, he will not allow himself to be responsible, this cannot be his fault and rather than be angry at himself he turns his anger towards God. This is how the narcissist functions. He/she projects all his short commings, failures and mishaps on others. And he is often quite good at convincing himself and others, that they are to blame. This one incident, turns Asa against God. A life lived for God, with many blessings and many victories is completely turned around by once incident.  I know people like this. Years of serving God, years of being blessed by God, but one incident goes wrong, horribly wrong and God shows up and tells them, "it's your fault, you blew this" and all of a sudden they are on a spiral downward. Asa, stays angry at God all the way unto his death. Even in his sickness, he will not call on God and he dies angry and bitter at God. Only God knows where his soul ends up. We would be wise to learn from Asa today. A man so devout to God, goes astray on the final lap of the race. This is why Paul says, " I have fought the fight, I have finished my race".  Make sure, you finish the race in the final lap. Make sure you don't allow missed opportunity and a narcissistic mindset to turn you against God in the latter years of your life. What a shame that would be!