Tuesday, December 17, 2013


"I am against you, I am your enemy"....depending on your translation. That's what we read today in our reading.  God may not be popping miracles left and right and may not be doing enough to convince many, especially atheists, that He is alive, but He is most definitely at work if you will open your eyes. People would rather Believe in fictitious thing such as "chance" or "coincidence" but say they are to smart to BELEIVE in a God who just created everything.  But yet they beleive in "chance".  Who is chance and where does he get his powers from.  CHANCE is, I Beleive, the name of the Atheist God. Because you have to have faith in Chance because "chance" is responsible for a lot that happens that is unexplainable. We CHRISTIANS choose to BELEIVE in God, not "chance".  Chance never speaks or claims credit for anything. However God does speak and does take credit. In our text, in Nahum, God says your calamity has come from me.  "I am against you", says The Lord!
     "You who enslaved nations by your prostitution and witchcraft", I am your enemy, says The Lord.
Researchers show that in 240 years of studying Tsunamis, only 24 have hit North America. The most disastrous Tsunami hit Sumatra, Indonesia in 2004.  The amount recorded as dead, 350,000 souls perished in that historic Tsunami.  Just this October there was an article published on The Web "Child prostitution reaches new depressing level in Indonesia".
     Atheism is the god of the immoral. If we can remove this moral God from the equation than we can sleep at night and don't have to fear death and one day meeting our Maker and having to give an account of our lives".  And what do we do to explain what appears to be Devine judgement and uncanny coincidence? We will say, " it is chance or coincidence" that the countries that perform the most hideous of crimes against humanity are the countries that have been hit hardest by the unrelenting ravages and destruction of "Mother Nature".  And who is "Mother Nature" but another fictitious character created by atheists to explain away, He who commands the winds and the oceans,his name is The Lord.
     It's interesting that the atheist in not wanting to BELEIVE in a being that cannot be seen they who are to intellectual to beleive in God, don't realize they find themselves beleiving in Mother Nature (fictitious and cannot be scene) they find themselves beleiving in Chance (fictitious and cannot be scene) they find themselves beleiving in Karma (fictitious and cannot be seen). They will beleive in one million and one characters that cannot be seen, touched or felt but refuse to BELEIVE in God. The truth is atheists BELEIVE in higher powers, invisible powers. They will BELEIVE in any invisible power, as long as that power is not a moral agent and does not convict them of their immoral lives. The issue with the atheist is not at all "that I cannot BELEIVE in what I cannot see" the issue is "I will not BELEIVE in a moral agent that will dictate to me what is moral and what is not".