Saturday, December 21, 2013


"Then there was war in Heaven and Michael and his Angels fought against the dragon and his angels. And the dragon lost the battle and he and his angels were forced out of Heaven".
One thing that has always amazed me about God is how He often stands by and says, "let them fight it out!"  My son is in a new school here in Texas, where Football is the New Religion. They are in "off season" right now (although Football Off Season is really an Oxi-Moron in Texas) and often during practices teammates will go at it; what my son likes about the coaches is they often will let them go at it for a short time. Sometimes men have to fight their own battles.  Sometimes sons need to fight their own fights and sometimes Angels have to win their own battles. From the Top down and right back up we see this principle at work both on earth and in the Heavenlies....Men and Angels fighting battles while God "seemingly" sits off to the side.  God is the Father, the Coach who says, "let them fight it out...I'm watching, I'm monitoring, but let them fight it out. If I have to intervene, I may or I may even let them lose, depending on the severity of the situation and what is at stake!".
     In our text we read that Michael and his gang of Angels prevails against Satan and his angels and never do we read about God's intervention. What do you think this did for the Angels...having left them to do battle on their own and then for the Angels to see themselves come out on top, triumphant. Many times God has left me to do battle on my own, though I cried out and cried out to God in prayer, I heard and felt nothing and had no choice to get up off my knees, take on the day and do battle on my own, without God wiping out the trial and/or enemy. It is hard when we know that God could so easily wipe out the enemy, but yet he lets us fight it out. We know later we read in Revelations that when JESUS is done with the Devil He simply puts a chain around him, like a little poodle and casts him into the Lake of Fire. Satan is no match for Jesus but Satan is quite the match for us and the Angels, but yet God says, "let them fight it out".  You may be in this very place right now in your life, feel like you're duking it out all on your own, even though you pray and pray to your Father to intervene. And He may intervene, but you also must learn, that there are some battles, you must wage and win on your own. If God will let the Angels in Heaven battle on their own, when the stakes were so high, you have to know, there our times He will let you battle it out on your own. God is building Men, not mice. God is building warriors not pacifists for his future Kingdom and who knows if right now He is not saying, "Michael, don't intervene, let them fight it out, I let you fight it out with Satan and you won and what did that do for you! Let them fight it out!"