Tuesday, December 31, 2013


 It's interesting, I find that as we close the year in our One Year Bible, our last reading of the year, ends with "negativity".  That's how many will close out their year, with negativity and of course carry it in to the following year!  Sometimes we figure people cheat/rob God because they are cheap, stingy or covetous, and that may be so, but here we learn that this group that cheats God also has some issues with God. They may be part of the church crowd, may attend service on Sundays and enjoy the social life of the church, but they are less than impressed with God.  We get a glimpse into their hearts in verse 14.  We read that in their hearts they believe it's futile to serve God, there's nothing to gain from serving or obeying him. And not only that, but what they see is that it is the evildoers that prosper and they get away with everything. Well, I think of all those that will be incarcerated this New Year's Eve, alone, away from family and loved ones, must be a figment of my imagination.  Because evildoers prosper and get away with everything.  The couple that will be fighting tonight in a drunken state of rage, drugs and violence, on this New Year's Eve must be a figment of my imagination too, because the wicked prosper and get away with everything.  The individual that will sit alone tonight and overdose, commit suicide, die in a DUI, and all the havoc that just seems to escalate and erupt at years end, must be a figment of my imagination, because the evildoers prosper and get away with everything.  Who, in their right "Christian state of mind" would believe this nonsense? Do you?
     Maybe this is why JESUS says "I'd rather you be hot or cold".  Imagine that God has to look down at his church and see that there are people in his church that contain these negative attitudes. I know some of them and so do you!  It is the end of the year and we close out the year with a negative group of people and I predict this next year coming will bring them more of the same. We have an opportunity and a warning here not to close out the year with this attitude and state of mind. Who will you be with tonight, celebrating in the New Year? I hope it's not these negative folks. Surround yourself tonight with people who are positive about God and positive about their future with God, " ...for I know the plans and the thoughts I have towards you, plans to prosper you, plans to give you a future and a hope", saith The Lord.  Take that with you in the coming year and leave the negativity behind!