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THE ONE YEAR BIBLE CLUB: FEBRUARY 28.   DID YOU SAY THE "D" WORD?!!!:      Very rarely did Jesus speak and then speak again on the same subject, later on. But there are cases in the Gospels where a subject came...

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Wow! If only we could all have the liberty to speak in contradictions and nobody challenge us on them. "Do you love me babe?"  "babe, you know how it is, I love you, but I don't".  Who's going to hit the Altar, to get married with that kind of statement. I am a Christian, I have to believe, it's "supposed" to be part of my genetic make up. Do you believe!? "ughhhh....of course, c'mon, are you serious, how could you ask me that, especially in front of all these people!" Jesus asks if " He will find Faith" in the earth in the last days. I know lots of Christians that have Christian attributes and cliches that the live by, but I don't know to many that are "walking on water". They are believing God    For a good year, they are believing God for Health and for steadied employment in rough times, but who is really believing God for "the impossible?" Jesus told his disciples that He was training in Faith..."I want you to go out from city to city, preaching the Gospel and I don't want you to take any sacks of provision, not even an extra pair of sandals. And as far as where you will stay, I will provide that for you when you get to where you're going, now GO, in FAITH! Most of us would say and have said, "this is a preposterous way to live". Think of it, what are you really believing God for right now that is "impossible"?  Not only are few believing God for the impossible but even less actually receive that miracle, because "they believe, but they don't believe". I was in a bible study some time back and we were talking all sorts of spiritual talk, faith and Christianeese lingo and stuff; and then I asked, who here in the past months has believed God for a genuine miracle and received it? Well, that's when it got quiet. The truth is, while many Christians are going around living nice lives, few are stepping out and believing God for a miracle and for the few that do step out to believe God for a miracle, even fewer stay the course and actually receive that miracle. Few sign up to join the Navy Seals and of the few that sign up even fewer have the resolve to see it through to the end, even if they die trying.  Faith works in the same arena. Few sign up for a journey of Faith and for the few that sign up there will be even fewer that don't run to "The Bell" to ring it for their salvation. I have had many want to join me on this journey of Faith and some traveled quite a distance with me, but eventually they rang the bell and they were rescued, only problem, not by God. With the Navy Seals, at least you have the comfort of knowing you tried. But we are not "trying" God. For those of us who say we are Christians, God is everything for us, "for in him and through him we have our being" and the only right answer is not " I tried to walk by faith, but yeah, I gave in eventually", but rather " I walked by faith and would not ring the bell, and every time God has come through and I have not died yet, have not lacked and have not gone hungry". I know that " if He wills is not a question" He does will!  I also know He has the power!  Everything is line up perfectly for the miracle, not just once, but an on going miracle and the only ingredient that's missing is me and my Faith.

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THE ONE YEAR BIBLE CLUB: FEBRUARY 25   I DID IT MY WAY!: THE song that Frank Sinatra may very well be most remembered for may just be, " I did it my way ". Not so much because it was such...

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It's always pretty amazing when the Old Testament reading coincides with the New Testament reading. In the Old Testament we have Jehovah giving all the requirements for the cleansing and forgiveness of uncleaness; then in the New Testament we have Jehovah, incarnate, giving us the deeper issues of uncleaness. Jesus explains to us uncleaness comes from what's inside the heart of a man/woman. We know that before Jesus ever spoke to the disciples about uncleaness being stored in the heart, He warned us through the inspired Word in Proverbs that we "should guard our hearts with all deligence, for out of it springs the issues of life." God gives us insight into the heart; that it is more than a muscle that pumps oxygen and blood through our bodies, but is actually a container that holds both evil and good. Psychologists try to deal with the mind when attempting to heal and help a patient. However, they neglect or are ignorant that therapy for the mind is not therapy for the heart. The promise of Salvation brings with it both the "renewing of the mind" and the gift of a new heart. "For I will take your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh". The promise of Salvation is the promise of a new mind and a new heart. A healing that is complete! We have a life that has imprinted images, hurts, pains, sins, guilt, shame and more and all this is literally embedded in the heart of a human. The story of an eight year girl that received a heart transplant from of another young girl that was murdered in a crime that went unsolved. After the heart implant the young girl began having nightmares of a man murdering her. The vivid memories seemed unusual to the psychologist who decided to get the police involved. The young girl who had the heart transplant gave such a clear description of the man from her nightmares, that the police were actually able to track the man down and arrest him. This incident and many other documented incidents just like it reveal to us that Jesus meant it literally when He told us to "guard our hearts";  our hearts are literally containers, a reservoir of memories. Salvation brings with it forgiveness of sin, which is a must to make heaven our home, but Jesus also gives us a New Heart, something no therapist, no drug, no psychologist could ever bring. In the Old Testament Jesus is showing us that a sacrifice must be made for uncleaness, but the Heart is never changed because the sacrifice is imperfect, but through two prophets He prophesies of the day when the sacrifice will be perfect and not only will men be able to be forgiven, but by the Grace of God will be able to receive new hearts!

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THE ONE YEAR BIBLE CLUB: FEBRUARY 22   CRY IF YOU ARE UNCLEAN:      How interesting...or perhaps uninteresting this reading on boils, leprosy and every other manner of disease. What's the point?! Wel...

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Our text says as she went and spent a great deal on the Dr.'s not only did she not get better, she grew worse. It's hard to believe that that was written a couple of thousand years ago and not just last week. "Spending more and more money at the Dr.s, but yet getting worse". I guess that's been happening for quite a long time. I can relate to this, can you? And this is not a slam against Dr.s either. I am very glad for Doctors, where would we be without Doctors. We know even one of Jesus' disciples was a Doctor, Dr. Luke. Yes doctors have their place, but as believers in Christ, surely Jesus has His place too, when it comes to healing. Where do we find the balance? We know that good hearted, but misguided people have died, refusing professional, medical treatment. However this woman has not only, not refused, but she has paid large sums of money to be healed and still no healing; but yet in one simple act of faith and touch of Jesus she is healed instantaneously. I think there comes a time when we need to realize we have put all our faith and hope in the medical system to heal us, all the while attending church every Sunday, we sit, with no faith or hope for Jesus to heal us. Are you spending lots of money on doctors and getting worse? Then maybe this is the sign for you that you really need to turn your faith and hope to Jesus for this particular healing. Thank God, we could say, for the advances that we have made in the medical profession and in our ability to treat illnesses and diseases, but we must never forget, that Jesus is the master physician, He is Jehovah Rapha, He is The Lord who heals us of all our diseases. 

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Moses, as directed by God of course, instructs Aaron to bring his sin offering too! " Oh yeah, that's right, I have sin also....I almost forgot!"  It's easy as a Priest/Pastor to become focused on other people's sins, as that is what we often have to deal with. The danger is we become focused on other people's sins and can forget that we also have sin. This can create two problems. The first problem is it can create a frustration in us and lack of empathy towards those that are sinning. Secondly it can cause us to be out of touch with our own sin. The more we concentrate on other people's sins, the less we are aware we of our own sins. Moses, wisely instructs Aaron to bring an offering for his own sins. Aaron is the Leader, he is the Priest, he is the Holy one being used by God, but he must also be reminded that he too has sin. This is not just a strategy for a leaders demise it is a strategy used for the demise of churches, marriages and ministries. The more we talk and focus about other people's sins the less aware we become of ours and the more harsh and rigid we become towards others. The other relevant point to this passage is that Moses also gets Aaron's sons involved in the offering of Aaron's sins. This is not in anyway done to demean Aaron in front of his sons but to let his sons know that even dad, the great High Priest has sin. This not only helps Aaron, but it helps his sons who are also Priests and who will also struggle with sin and failings through out their lives, even though they are priests. It will also prevent Aaron from putting to heavy a yoke on his children that even he could never abide by. We often put a yoke of perfection on our children that we ourselves never even came close too. We want them to be perfect in school, nothing but A's but yet when we were kids our performance was not even near what we are holding them to. You say, "yeah, well that's why, I want them to be better than I was", but the problem is, you cannot Live out the life you wish you had lived, through your children. It would have been easy and probably what Aaron would have done, had not Moses intervened. Aaron, in thinking of his past failures and his family name would have put an undue and unreasonable yoke upon his sons to be the perfect Priests, even though he was far from it himself. And every time his sons sinned and failed as people and as Priests they would have felt condemned and hypocritical. Moses nips this in the butt, right from the start, by having Aaron make an offering for his own sins and getting the sons involved. This one act saves both Aaron and his sons from much future hardship, that surely would have hit, had Moses not instructed Aaron to do this one act of humility.  It was good for Aaron's sons to know his father also struggled and sometimes, gave in to sin. Many families today would be doing much better if Leaders still instructed Parents to make an offering for their sins before their children. No to humiliate, but to bring humility and to keep parents from putting to heavy a yoke of perfection upon their children, when they themselves are full of sin. This keeps the parents humble and keeps the children from thinking "what's wrong with me?"

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This is a transition stage for the Israelites as it is for a congregation that is transitioning to support it's Priest/Pastor.  Moses is trying to explain to the Israelites that "The Lord" wants them to make a sacrifice. A sacrifice that will cost them financially. "Well, I guess if it's for The Lord". Imagine their response when Moses says, "well it's for The Lord, but The Lord told me to give the breast and the thigh to Aaron and his sons".  "Oh I see what's going on here, this is a scam, you say, The Lord, wants....but then coincidently the offering goes straight to your brother, how convenient! We give and he and his sons just feed off of our sacrificial giving, why he might as well not even work!"  That's when Moses has to break the news to them..."ughhhh, actually, that's the plan, that your offerings support Aaron and his sons, they are going to be Priests". We can read over this quickly and not think twice about the resentment and opposition Moses faced with this new offering. Can you imagine as this hard working man, comes and sacrifices a valuable Ram and then he comes by later and he's watching Aaron and his sons chow down on his Ram, that he sacrificed, that cost him and they're enjoying they look up, with grease dripping down their beard, "thanks bro, great Ram, tastes great, thanks man!" In his mind he must think this is ridiculous, we've been had by Moses and he and Aaron are pulling a scam on us". But yet, it's there, in the Word of God for us to read, how can we deny this is not God's doing, how can we deny, this is not what God wants. People, congregation members 'till this very day have a hard time accepting that the Priest, the Pastor, should eat off the backs of their hard work and offerings, but the tragedy is, a congregation that does not accept this teaching will never prosper. A congregation that thinks it's Pastor should go out and work a regular job just like them is in for some hard and despairing times a head of them.  And the sad thing is, they will never quite get, why they are not prospering, why they are not moving forward and the very reason will be right in front of the. Every Sunday. The tired, burnt out dishonored Pastor that stands right before them. Until a church values and esteems the office of Priest/Pastor, they are not moving forward and this was fundamental that the Israelites understood this before the moved on with their destiny.

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THE ONE YEAR BIBLE CLUB: FEBRUARY 18  DON'T LET THE FIRE GO OUT:      We can get very deep an analytical about all the requirements of the altar and rightly so, or we can completely ignore them, BUT there ...

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God makes sure to tell Moses, "make sure for the offering, they give a Ram without defect and of proper value".  We want to be quite spiritual about our giving, "I will give as the Lord leads" but it's interesting how The Lord so often leads us to give such skimpy amounts".  I can't tell you what "The Lord is leading you to give" in your deceitful, I mean, pure heart, but I can tell you what His written Word tells us to give and it is never just "whatever".  God, who knows people, makes it a point to warn Moses about what people will try to do in their offering, and that is, they will try to give something in the offering that will not cost them and God tells Moses, "don't accept it!".  It needs to be a Ram without defect and it ALSO needs to be the right value. Practically speaking, it would be a good idea to bring a defected Ram, after all, the Ram is just going to get sacrificed, why bring a healthy one? However, God wants it to cost, he wants our offering to cost us.  We are not free to give as we choose and then try to coax the Pastor or church to hold a rummage sale to try to collect money for the church needs.  I wonder what would happen if they had brought a defected Ram for the offering, and the defected Ram made its way past Moses, some how? Well, what would happen is their sins would not be covered because it was a "sin offering" and there was a specific amount designated for that. God would not honor his part of the deal since you did not honor your part. So then the same applies, that if we give every Sunday, as we feel lead, but never give "the first fruits, the tenth" of our income, what's the sense in giving? God promises to rebuke the devour if we give "The Tenth & offerings" not if we just give whatever we please. "I'll give what I want and what I think I can afford!", you say...Well, go ahead, but your giving is in vain, because it's not accomplishing  what giving is supposed to accomplish.  We give in obedience, yes, but we give also that the devour may be rebuked, we give so that God's covering would be upon us and that God would make all Grace abound towards us, that in all things at all times, we would have all that we need and there would be excess. However, if we give what we want, how we feel, then God does not honor his part of the deal and we might as well not give, because we are now just throwing away money. We will not get any blessing back from it.  If you are going to give then you might as well give the right amount, the designated amount, the Ram without defect, of proper value, otherwise, your giving is in vain and that's worse, than not giving at all!

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THE ONE YEAR BIBLE CLUB: FEBRUARY 16   AS A RESULT...:      AS A RESULT , "Jesus could no longer enter a town openly but stayed outside in lonely places ". Imagine, this man's diso...

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THE ONE YEAR BIBLE CLUB: FEBRUARY 15   SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO:      WOW, imagine having to live like this??? I'm so glad we don't have to live like this anymore....imagine having to wait on God t...

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It's in interesting that Jesus first appears, as the resurrected Jesus, to ladies. Jesus always had a unique place and purpose for women in His ministry; just one more aspect of the uniqueness of Jesus' movement, ie: Christianity. They were 2nd class citizens and still are, in the Middle East. Yet He came accepting them, ministering to them, even Samaritan women. Jesus saw the unique qualities of women that He had put in them when He created them. The greatest event that ever happened for the rights of women, was Christianity. Nobody understood the value of women more than Jesus and no movement has fought for woman's rights more than Christianity. No, not supreme rights over her own body, ie: Abortion, but neither man or woman has supreme rights over their own body. My question is, when we see that Christianity was and is and has always been at the forefront of Woman's Rights and Liberation; why is it that todays's Feminist would not be caught dead in a CHRISTIAN Church. Why is it that Feminists oppose right wing fundamentalists and stick so far to the Left, when it comes to politics? I can only think of one logical answer and that is the modern day feminist movement has an  opposing, antagonistic spirit, to that of Christianity. In any logical sense, any well grounded and good hearted Feminist would embrace Jesus and Christianity. If a woman came up to me after church and told me she was a Feminist, I would say, "so am I and I am because Jesus was and I do value the contribution that women make to society, the family and most certainly the Church of Jesus Christ, BTW I love women, my mom was a woman and my wife happens to be one too, so I'm glad you're here!" I have been in quite a few churches and every church I have been in, that is doing well, has a core of women in that Church, that were it not for them, that church would be in trouble. I don't think men are as much into Valentines Day as Women (actually, not even close) and here we are, FEBRUARY 14th, Valentines Day, in our One Year Bible and Jesus is resurrected and although Jesus is a Man's Man in every way, He chooses to first reveal himself to the women who so faithfully followed him and anointed his body for death and who carefully tended to Him after his death. HAPPY VALENTINES!

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Jesus refuses to drink the cup of Vinegar, mixed with Gall (Bitterness).  He tastes it, but refuses to drink it, when later on he is presented again, with a drink (vs. 47) now the Gall has been left out and he drinks.  Jesus has defeated immorality, he has conquered the temptation of revenge, power, greed and even the temptation to lash back out and kill. But he most importantly must be triumphant over Gall. Jesus chose the bird He created, the Dove as His representation of the Spirit that would descend upon Him when he is being baptized by John. The Dove, a bird with no Gall, no desire to retaliate, a peaceful bird that no matter how much the Dove is provoked, does not retaliate. Jesus is 99.9% victorious, He is near death, but He must win this final quest before He can die. "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do", and he refuses to drink the cup of bitterness that is being offered to him, even at The Cross and now He is 100% victorious over sin. "It is finished", he says, and He bows his head totally victorious.  This is the victory we must each possess before we die. While many of us have been victorious over drugs, alcohol, immorality, the one sin that the Church is struggling with is bitterness & resentment. We have been able to get victory over so much, but will this sin, this vice be the one that gets us at, or brings us to.... our death. The Church of Jesus Christ is filled with bitter people.  Bitter at their brother, bitter at their wife, their husband, bitter towards their Pastor or previous Pastor, bitter towards their Church, their employer, bitter towards their Government, bitter towards their father, mother, mother-in-law, does the list ever end? Why do we drink the cup of Gall that is presented to us? Do we not know that it is only a poison to those who drink it! Isn't that what a "Gall bladder" does, it collects all the toxins and poisons to protect you.  The one sin that may just keep folks from entering heaven may be the one they have to resist right until their very last breath, just like Jesus. As they mocked and scorned, crucified naked in front of his mother, tortured and beat, the perfect set up for bitterness, He refuses to drink the cup of Gall. Beware of bitterness, it is an ongoing battle to defeat it; as people will continue to hurt and disappoint you until the day you die and the cup will be there for you to drink too and I hope like Jesus, you refuse and die in victory and assurance, that you will make Heaven, your eternal home. "If you will not forgive those on earth that have sinned against you; then neither will your Father in Heaven forgive you our transgressions".

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A lot of the focus up until this point has been on Aaron and his total screw up, while Moses was on top of the mount with God. God says, "Chisel out two more stone tablets like the first ones......THAT YOU SMASHED." God could have so easily left that last part out, but He decides not to and throws it in right at the end of the sentence. Moses at this point must have taken a big gulp and said, " oh yeah, I did do that didn't I....would you believe me if I told you they slipped out of my hand? " No I guess you wouldn't cause you already told me I smashed them".  "That's right Moses, you smashed the stones that I, God, carved out with my very own finger!" I like the way God doesn't beleaguer the point, but He does address it to let Moses know, "that wasn't a good thing, just to let you know, but you're forgiven even though you have never even said sorry or asked for forgiveness".  Now this is not some new doctrine here that I am trying to present, that God automatically forgives our sin even when we don't ask for forgiveness, but what I am saying is that God gives us more Grace and Mercy than we give Him credit for. Moses has been through some craziness at this point, the shock of the golden calf, the revelry, his brother totally failing and succumbing to lewdness and revelry and then the 3000 that perished in the judgment sword fight. But yet in the midst of that, Moses lost his temper once again and smashed the tablets inscribed by God himself, not to mention Moses made them grind the dust from the golden calf, into the water and DRINK IT!  They saw the anger and temper of Moses flaring and in fear they drank. I don't quite recall God telling Moses to grind the calf into dust and throw it into the water and drink it. God is so gracious with us and in our times of wrath against God's stupid, stupid, faithless people, what's wrong with them.....He gently reminds us of our own selves, our own sins and what we have done that wasn't so great and haven't even said "sorry" because we are so fixated on other people's failures, but God also doesn't beleaguer the point...."just a reminder you did this, but's it's okay, I know you had a bad day, just bring me new stones and let's move on and oh Moses, show the same Grace with my people that I have shown with you and BTW, the burning and grinding of the calf and making them drink the water.....yeah...that wasn't cool and make sure you tell them that was your idea, not mine!"

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


For 3 days we have been reading on wisdom.  The conclusion in today's reading is..."whoever fails to find me harms himself; all who hate me love death".  Wisdom here is a metaphor, but this statement is literal. Those who hate wisdom will end up dead quicker than most of us, but what about those of us that don't necessarily "hate" wisdom, but just kind of in the middle? We may end up being the most miserable. We don't love or cherish it enough for it (wisdom) to benefit us, we don't hate it enough to where we will probably die for lack of it, so we just remain in this quagmire....of ...of misery. I am currently in a a very complex situation concerning my taxes, having lived, resided, worked and been a citizen of two countries in one year makes is very difficult to file tax returns.  The complication of doing my taxes far exceeds any financial benefit to me (as I have had to hire a CPA in each country), to the point that I (not wisdom) would say, "forget it, who cares", but WISDOM cries out (as in our text) "do it right, the first time and it will save you trouble in the long run". To be honest, I have not always loved wisdom, as a matter of a fact, she (wisdom) has gotten on my nerves many times, it's just my bad nature and the rebel within. How many times have I heard the voice of wisdom and ignored her? How many times have YOU heard the voice of wisdom and ignored her?  What I like about wisdom is anyone can love Wisdom, Christian and non-Christian alike. Wisdom (like God) is no respecter of persons.  Wisdom says, " I will benefit any prosper "ANYONE" that loves and cherishes me. The fact is, there are many Christians who sit in the church, sins forgiven & redeemed but still have not learned to value and cherish wisdom.  They are forgiven (thank God) but their lives are plagued with problems.  Wisdom is a complex thing in itself, as there are so many facets, Wisdom is mixed in with understanding and prudence, they come in a package, to possess one, you must possess them all. Wisdom is not one dimensional, you cannot say, " I have wisdom here, in this area, therefore I possess  all wisdom".  No, I would say, "you possess wisdom in that one area".  Many successful people in our society possess wisdom in areas of life, such as: career and secular decisions but don't possess wisdom concerning their eternal future and security. They are the neighbors we hate because they seem to have it more together than we do, and truth be known, they sometimes do and this is the reason. Christians have wisdom in sight of eternity, they see and have enough wisdom to fear God, but that is only one aspect of wisdom, but for many Christians, it ends there! The have wisdom to fear God, but every other decision they make seems to be one that blows off wisdom and they make one unwise decision after another. Why did you do that? Why did you ignore that matter? Why did you say that? These are the questions that Wisdom would have asked and they are the questions we ask, from the outside looking in, we think, "did they not think that this would come back to haunt them? Statistics show that many Christian marriages will end in divorce in a few years, many Christians will file Bankruptcy in a few years, many Christians will die of diabetes and other health related problems in a few years and we can only sit back and ask, "did you not think these decisions or lack of decisions would not come back to nip you in the but, harm you or even kill you?" THE POINT IS....Wisdom is not an automatic virtue that comes at salvation; salvation brings with it forgiveness of sins, deliverance and eternal life, but wisdom, just like before you were saved, still is looking for those that will cry out for her, still looking for those that will cherish her above all things and from now to eternity, the promise will ALWAYS be, "Blessed will be the man who listens to me.....but whoever fails to listen will harm himself; all who hate me loved death".  You think you will be blessed just because you're a Christian?!  Think again and look around at your brothers and sisters in Christ and you will see this is not true. Question is, do you possess wisdom and if so in what facet, just one? The bible says if you will seek wisdom you will find her. What is wisdom crying out to you today, to do?  Will you do it? Do you love and cherish wisdom? Ignore wisdom, don't cherish her and you will live a Christian life, plagued with one problem after another (this is what proverbs means by "you will be harmed) while you watch the ungodly prosper because though they may not have wisdom to fear God, they listen to the voice of reason, wisdom, understanding and prudence on every other facet and it is sad when we watch the lives of those who don't fear God, run smoother and better lives, than those of us that do. We cannot say, " i have the wisdom to fear God" and that's all that matters, i don't care about the rest....if you live long enough, you will learn to care and you will learn to regret, hopefully sooner than later.....your disregard for....WISDOM!!!

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THE ONE YEAR BIBLE CLUB: FEBRUARY 9   DISAPPOINTED WITH JESUS?:      A side from Judas' satanical inspiration, many believe that alongside with that disposition was also a great disappointment Judas h...

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THE ONE YEAR BIBLE CLUB: FEBRUARY 8    ABADONED IN TIME OF NEED:      This may end up being one of the greater indictments against The Church of Jesus Christ at our judgement; that we abadoned our brothers...

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As with everything about God, there is a Paradox.  Jesus' delay in his coming will add many to the Kingdom and also true, is Jesus' delay in coming will take many out. These virgins have enough oil for a quick appearance, but definitely don't have enough should the bridegroom delay.  We can call them "flash in the pan" Christians.  We see them come with much excitement and enthusiasm for the Lord, but their Oil, their light quickly begins to dim and go out, after a few months. Unfortunately, it's not just the "flash in the pan" Christians that I have seen this happen too. Christians that have been around for 20 + years are now beginning to loose their oil. Had Jesus come back when they thought, the '70's or 80's, they'd be in Heaven with Jesus today, however the Bridegroom has delayed in his coming. The longer you serve God, the more brothers and sisters we see falling by the wayside. Is it not our duty to keep the "fire alive".  We know that Jehovah originally lit the fire in the Temple, but he commanded the Priests not to let the fire go out.  Our duty is to attend to the business of our souls, to take great care of the fire, the oil, or lack of it, within us. We can and do grow careless in waiting for Christ's return.  In the parable, the Wise and the Foolish both slept. First they slumbered, then they slept.  It is always easy to see a Saint that is wavering off, losing zeal and interest, however, never to any admission on their part. Those that allow themselves to slumber, to become spiritually lackadaisical will rarely, not continue in that downward spiral. Slumber, does lead to sleep, stay awake! "Stay Awake" is the warning in verse 13. So we can conclude that even those that are considered wise should not have fallen asleep. "A little sleep, a little slumber, A little folding of the hands to sleep— So shall your poverty come on you like a prowler"  The same thought is being used in Proverbs, that one course of action or inaction, is clearly leading to another. They are all intertwined. And so while neither of us our "mind readers" and neither of us "knows the heart of another" we do know that slumbering, leads to sleep, that "relaxing" spiritually is a progressive motion, progressive towards are spiritual demise. We ought to dread the beginning of spiritual decay in our lives. The wise virgins would not share their oil because we cannot give somewhere the fire of God, the Spirit of God, that is in us.  We can comfort, we can encourage, we can fellowship, but they must purchase the oil themselves. Those that have more oil than others is not because they were just more privileged or favored by God, it's because they purchased it.  While others slept, they prayed. While others indulged in carnality they kept themselves in The Word. While others were lackadaisical about the assembling of the Saints, they were diligent to be there...for Faith comes by hearing; and by hearing the Word of God. The time will come when fading brethren will ask for "our oil" and we will have to tell them what we've been telling them for years, " I can fellowship with you, I can help you, I can be a shoulder for you to cry on, but you must establish your own relationship with God, that I cannot give you! They want what we have, but they don't understand that what we have has come from years of investment and we cannot give it to them, as much as we would like.
As the scripture says, "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling"......."for the first shall be last and the last shall be first" much of a reservoir of oil do you have, go purchase some now, today and through out this year because the bridegroom may not come as soon as you had wished or hoped. For some that is good news, for others it will be bad! The delaying of the bridegroom will be what added many to the Kingdom, but it will also be, what took many out, be ready!



Thursday, February 6, 2014


What a promise God makes to the children of Israel. I will be an enemy to your enemy and oppose those that oppose you. But doesn't God love everyone, how could he take sides? Aren't we all God's children? We may all be God's creation, ie: human beings, but we are not all his sons and daughters. We are not all His children. " but all who did receive him, He gave them the right to be children of God, to those who believe in His Name".  It is clear in The Bible that God does make a clear distinction between those that serve him and those that don't. What a promise this is to us, God's children; that our enemies will be His enemies and He will oppose those that oppose us! The only thing is, is that still relevant for us today? And if the answer is yes. Then why are so many of us, beat up and losing? It could be, that one of the most difficult aspects of Pastoring, is watching the members of your congregation get beat up and surrendering the white flag to their enemy or those that oppose them. Perhaps knowledge isn't the great elixir, but application is! Perhaps we don't even have the knowledge, "for my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge..."  I would say between those that don't know God's Word and those that know, but don't apply it, we are in a battle, a fight, that we are going to get beat up in. The general rule of thumb is, don't get into a war you cannot win.
I have seen 6' 4, 240 lb men taken out of this fight, in just a few months, but yet the Leader of the Fellowship I am in, is 5'5 and weighs probably 140 lbs soaking wet! What's the difference? One man with knowledge and application is leveraging God's Power on his behalf and winning, 40 plus years later, with over 2000 churches under his leadership and the other man is losing for either "lack of knowledge" or knowledge with no application. Which one are you?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 4. The World will never be the same!

The 10 Commandments are here!  Never would the world be the same. Not only are these iconic symbols of our Nation, but they have influenced our Nation even until this day. The 10 Commandments hung in our courtrooms for decades and decades. They hung on the walls in our schools. Today, sadly enough, they have been removed from most court rooms and schools; as if they were commands for a by gone era. I once had a man tell me he could never even think of becoming a Christian because he knew he could never abide by the 10 Commandments. At the time, I was a young Christian and to be honest, I was quite ignorant of what the 10 Commandments were. I knew a few of them, no doubt, but what exactly were all of the Commandments and was I even abiding by each and every one of them myself? Now, many years later, I realize how ridiculous that man's statement really was. First and foremost, we are no longer under " the law", we are under Grace. That being said, are the 10 Commandments really that unreasonable, that we as human beings cannot follow them and thank God for Grace.  And I do thank God for his Grace, every day, but how unreasonable are these commands and should I not even teach them to my children if they are going to put too great a burden, a yoke, upon their backs? As I began to study the 10 Commandments, I realized that these are actually not 10 burdensome commands by a harsh God, but that they are rather....enduring principles of life that I must teach my children! Is it to burdensome a yoke to put on my children, by teaching them that they should not murder? Is it to burdensome a yoke to put on my son, to teach him he should never take another man's wife or to teach my daughter that it is wrong for her to have an affair with another man? Is it to burdensome a yoke to teach my kids that lieing and stealing are not good virtues? As I look back at that man's statement I now almost find his statement almost embarrassing to himself. What kind of degrading society do we live in when we admittedly say, " I am not sure if I can truly commit to not murdering, stealing or committing adultery, I mean those are some tough commitments to stick to". But sadly enough, that's where our Nation has ended up and things will get worse before they get better. And I say that not because I am a fatalist, but because The Word of God tells me so. What is your opinion of the 10 Commandments? 10 Unrealistic Commands from a harsh God or 10 Enduring Principles of Life?!

Monday, February 3, 2014


One might think that all the different names for God in the Bible were made up by Pastors and Theologians, to make them sound smart in front of their classes and congregations. However, we know that not to be true and the fact is, that The Lord himself is the one who identifies himself by these different names because their is more to God, than just one aspect of himself, ie: The Lord Saves. In our text he reveals himself to Moses and Joshua, as Jehovah Nissi, translated in english, The Lord is my banner. So what does that mean? It means The Lord who fights for you! A more modern word for Banner would be Standard and a more modern word for Standard would be Flag.
This coincides with Isaiah's Prophecy, "when the enemy comes in like a flood, I will raise up a Standard....".  When the Israelites fought in war, they would have a pole with a Standard, a flag on it and where ever the fighting was fiercest, they would raise up The Standard and the fighting men would all rally to that place to help defend.  This is the imagery that The Lord is using to describe himself.  He is saying, you know me by Yeshua, The Lord Saves, but I also want you to know me as Jehovah Nissi, The Lord who will fight for you! We may thank God every day for our salvation and be sincere and than try to take on all the battles of the day by ourselves and why? Because we do not know and have not met Jehovah Nissi, The Lord my Banner.  And just like He did for Moses and Joshua in a great time of war and conflict, so does He want to do for you, "let them know, let him know, let her know, that I AM The Lord, Thy Banner, Jehovah Nissi and I will fight both for you and with you!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014


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