Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Wherever is the concept of "pouring out your life" for Christ, in the Church today? The Assemblies of God, the largest Pentecostal Denomination is now shutting down their Sunday evening services. It's too much, twice on Sundays, those days are gone. It's too much to ask a Christian to come to Church twice on Sundays, once in the morning and the return for the evening service. "People want their family time together at night" said one Assembly of God Pastor. How can one argue against a Christian wanting "family time" together? So what does "family time" look like on a Sunday evening? Well, it looks like this..., dad flopped in front of the T.V. watching Football, junior in his room playing X-Box, Susie in her room on Facebook and mom in her room sleeping. Great "family time" isn't it!  Really what people want is not "family time", they want more "me time", more "rest time" all under the guise of ....."we just want to stay home and have some family time', well how can anyone argue against that?! Paul was a radical Christian who I don't believe would have done well in the Christian circles that we traffic in; here in the 21st Century. Paul most definitely would not have had a church of 50,000 people, maybe 50, but not 50,000. Paul's commitment, his challenge for Christians to "pour out their lives" for Christ would seem far to radical for today's Christian. Today's Christian is not far, in ideals, from the the secularist, atheist and/or agnostic,  Their ideas for the "elixir" of life is, rest, then more rest; then leisure time; then vacations and then some more!  Commercials on T.V., commercials on the radio, "are you tired, run down....then what you need is this drink or this vitamin" as if there is something wrong with you if "you are tired". What is wrong with you? Why are you tired, what is the cause, how can you resolve this great abuse of your life, that you, as a human being should be tired?". Well, what if in retrospect, they realize they're tired because of Christ? What if in reflection, they realize they are tired because of "their ministry" or their commitments to Church? We know our unsaved family members will be quick to be the Devil's advocate and convince us we are "too committed" to our churches, we are giving too much of ourselves to this "Christian thing" we are involved in and that life, is about being rested, life is about leisure and vacations and many allow themselves to be seduced into this carnal and secular mindset. But yet Paul's idea of life was being "spent for Christ!".  Modern translation, "worn out for Christ".  "Paul, you poor boy, you look worn out, you need to get out of the ministry and rest, it would do you good?" Paul would have said, "get behind me Satan for you do not have the purposes of God in mind". You will find that Christians today just want to go home after work, Monday night, take off their shoes, rest and be left alone. That's not so bad, but it's not just Monday Night, it's Tuesday night, it's Wednesday Night, it's every night of every week. I don't want to be pestered by The Church during the week, I go Sunday Mornings and that's enough. "Why is the Church planning events during the week and on Saturday, don't they know we have our own lives?"  Many Christians today probably feel a Church that has services Sunday evenings should be reported to some kind of authority, "for abuse".  The question to ask is, "has the 21st Century lost the essence of Consecration, the essence of sacrifice, self-denial, in short, has the 21st Century Christian lost the essence of Christianity? Paul described himself  "as a slave to Christ". How would you describe your Christian walk with God? Are you "pouring out your life to Christ" or are you sitting on the couch pouring yourself another ice tea, or worse, another beer? Is your manta, "rest, rest, leisure and more rest" or is your mantra, "I have but one life, a short life, here on earth, to live for Christ and may I be a poured out offering for Jesus, as He was for me!"

Monday, September 29, 2014


What has God's silence accomplished or not accomplished? We know He is the "invisible God" but He is also, very often, the "silent God".  In Isaiah we read today, "Is it because of my long silence that you no longer fear me?". God realizes everything He does and the ramifications of that. He understands what drives us crazy, He understands his silence and the pretense of being "aloof" might only encourage some further into their Lascivious & rebellious life style. The question is not how often does God speak, but rather, when He speaks, whether often or little, do we listen? And so now God is speaking, is anyone listening ? "You have been unfaithful, you have put pagan symbols on your doorposts and behind your doors." We want God to speak, but when He speaks we ignore him and then when He doesn't speak we accuse him of neglecting us, or we accuse him for our struggle of Faith, because we never hear from him. God cannot win, with people who do not have a right heart towards him. "Is it because of my long silence that you no longer fear me?"
It's a rhetorical question, as most questions that come from God. However, what kind of relationship is a relationship that is constantly run by fear and threats? This kind of relationship is to no advantage to anyone and it's a relationship based on a some very precarious grounds. Can God be silent and can He stop threatening and just see people serve based on what He has already spoken in the past and serve him based on their love for Him? God's silence will make the wicked more wicked, but God's silence will also cause people of faith to increase their faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. Carnal Christians need the constant voice and the constant threat of God, to be obedient. God's true Children serve him even when the Master is gone away from the house for a while. When the Master returns He finds the faithful about their Father's business and when the Master returns He also finds the unfaithful back at what He has threatened them over and over, what not to do. If you can't trust your children when you are away, then you are only deluded to think that you can trust them when you are not away. If God cant' trust us in silence, if God can't trust us in his absence (or at least seemingly absent) then He cannot trust us at all. If you're waiting for lightning to strike and barely miss you, so fear can get in you and straighten you up to serve God, I've got some news for you, it's probably not coming. If you're waiting for something bad to happen to you as some kind of sign of omen, that God is against you so you can know and repent, I got some bad news for you, it probably isn't coming. So what does God's silence accomplish? It weeds out the faithful from the unfaithful. It weeds out the genuine from the disingenuous. It brings out the carnality of the carnal and brings out the Faith of the Faithful. It forces a relationship to be forged out of love and obedience, not just fear. It releases people, gives the freedom to serve God or not and it creates a relationship where I am serving you now because I love you and want to; not just because I fear you and you will strike me with lightning or send me to hell if I don't. Yes, "fear of God is the beginning, of all wisdom" , but remember, "it's the beginning" in other words, we should at some point in our relationship progress on and move on to a place where now our relationship is not just based on fear but has moved towards a love and appreciation of this God that we have come to know and love. Now, we sin not, because we know it hurts God, whether perhaps in the beginning, we stopped sinning because of the fear of Hell. Joseph in the Old Testament, does not sin and commit adultery because he does not want to sin against God. I'm not sure what understanding Joseph had of the afterlife, about hell and judgement but we know by readying his story that he had an immense love for God.  God's silence in those days caused most of his brothers only to become more wicked, but it also caused Joseph to become more devout and so can God's silence do the same for us, God's silence will either make or break us!


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Friday, September 26, 2014


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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


"A bruised reed he shall not break, and a smoldering  wick he will not snuff out".  This is GREAT STUFF, great poetry, but it certainly is not us! In Football, we cut the weakest players, in Marine Corps Boot camp, you weed out the weak and in the corporate world, you fire or ax the weak and move on with the strong. The weak, put them in a home, the disabled, hire someone to take care of them, confused & depressed people.....I  don't know isn't there a drug you can give them, sedate them, anything, as long as we don't have to deal with day in and day it, give me a break!! There is nothing more frustrating than a smoldering wick, especially when you really do need that light, the electricity is off, you're trying to get some help, some light and that wick is flickering, spitting out more irritation than light; you and I both know, if that wick doesn't catch on soon we may just throw the wick and the candle, in the trash, after we snuff it out!  And that's how we treat people. That is who we are! Nothing more draining than the weak. Whether that's weak people in the Church or a weak and fragile grandmother or even perhaps are own mother and/or father. I currently know of a family that is having to deal with the aging and mental deterioration of an elderly mother and the kids are constantly squabbling over "who's turn it is to watch over her". Sometimes the fighting only ends in fighting, nothing is resolved and the elderly, disabled mother is left alone. Paul in his epistles brings this up, "don't despise the weak", he warns. Most teachers have no patience with that child that doesn't learn as fast as the rest of the students in her/his class. That teacher can and I have seen in my experience, begin to resent that slow learner, stupid kid! We are not impressed with the weak, the slow, the not so intelligent, the not so "lovely". Weak, slow and unattractive people, repel humanity. They are the Lepers of our society today. Even in our churches you will find, those that are attractive, sharp and witty, will get more attention and better follow up than perhaps, ....the Leper. A bruised week we will yank out of the ground and make room for something healthy to grow. This scripture in Isaiah is not us! It's Jesus, but it's not you. You think it's you, perhaps you dabble a little here and there with the weak....., trying giving your life to it and see how well you do! If we are not careful, the Church of Jesus Christ, just like the world, becomes "survival of the fittest"  i.e: those that are strong will make it and lock into the church and have a great future and those that are weak will fall away, only to go on and self destruct while The Church moves on it's merry way, singing "Lord, I wanna be more like you".

Monday, September 22, 2014


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Saturday, September 20, 2014


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Friday, September 19, 2014


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Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 18 "EXCESSIVE FORCE"

The NFL has issued disciplinary action on one of it's elite players for using excessive force in disciplining his son. His contract with his team has been cancelled in lieu of the criminal charges against him, for using a tree branch to discipline his son, leaving marks, bruising and swelling on his son's body. No doubt there are parents out there that are too lazy to discipline their children or worse, simply just don't care! We have to deal with these children every week at Walmart. We pray that we could just have one moment alone with this child that is screaming as if he was being tortured, only to realize it's not that he's being tortured or kidnapped, he is screaming and raving because his mom told him he can't have the candy bar he grabbed by the cash register. So we have excessive discipline to no discipline and somewhere in the middle lies the balance. God is trying to give us wisdom through Isaiah, the wisdom that discipline is good, discipline is needed, but excessive discipline, discipline that is beyond the capacity of the recipient, can potentially crush and destroy, rather than bring the intended and hoped for results. "The farmer knows just what to do...God has given him wisdom, a heavy sledge is never used to thresh black cummin, rather it is beaten with a light stick...grain for bread is easily crushed....thresh it under the wheels of a cart, but don't pulverize it".  God is using all these metaphors to describe the wisdom in punishing. The Lord is getting ready to punish Israel, but in his punishment He will remember not to use excessive force, not to pulverize or He may crush them all together. God's purpose in punishment is always to heal and restore, not crush and destroy. We have churches that have no punishment, no disciplinary actions for anything. The Christians in their Church are like the kids at Walmart, totally undisciplined and unruly Christian they are! We have other Churches who have no discernment in punishing, their punishing often crushes, pulverizes and destroys, rather than redeem. Oh where, oh where do we find the balance? What is excessive and what is negligent? God speaking through Isaiah, says, "this requires wisdom and that wisdom He has given to the farmer, so the farmer can be productive and fruitful. As Parents, as Leaders, as Ministers, we desperately need this wisdom. Not everyone is to be dealt with in the same manner, go back and read the wisdom that God gives to the Farmer. In reading this passage today we should be thinking.... "I wonder if there are any that we crushed in are discipline. I wonder if there are any that could have been restored, redeemed, but we took a heavy sledge to thresh cummin and completely crushed that struggling Christian?" We always have to remember, that discipline is not to satisfy our anger, discipline is not to show everyone "who's boss", discipline is not to be vindictive, it's not a way for us to feel better, discipline is for the purpose of the one being disciplined, and in that respect, it is being administered to save them, not crush them. The discipline is being administered to restore and redeem and if we don't learn the wisdom of the farmer, we may one day have to answer for people that we crushed and pulverized in our discipline; when God wanted to redeem them, through discipline. "Lord give us the wisdom, that you have given the farmer, so we too can be productive and fruitful, Amen!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


We tend to read the bible and think about what is written, but we don't think about "who wrote it". This is very nice and comforting read, in Psalms 61, "listen to my cry.....I cry to you for help when my heart is overwhelmed..." I'm sure many women read this in their affliction and find comfort that they are not alone. And they are not alone, they are in great company; and who is their company, DAVID. King David, the Warrior, Conqueror! Women are finding great comfort in reading, poetic metaphors, not written by Ruth, Rebecca, Mary, Esther or any other woman, but by David. If today we found these writings in a private journal of a man, we thought to be a man's man, we would ex-communicate him.The only problem is, we cannot find more of a man's man, in the bible, than David. Today, we have this persona, that men do not cry and are not overwhelmed. So then why do they drink so much? Why are they so violent, so abusive? Why are they so unfaithful? Why do they come to church for a while and then disappear?  Why are they such substance abusers, why are jails & prisons mostly filled with men? David was in jail, David did not drink himself into an oblivion, David did not take out his frustrations by abusing his wife and/or children. So what did David do? He cried out to God and told God he was "overwhelmed".  Overwhelmed with responsibilities, overwhelmed by his enemies, overwhelmed by the problems in his family, in short, he was overwhelmed with Life!  We sing this song in Church, "when my heart is overwhelmed, when my heart is aching....lead me to the Rock, the Rock that's higher than I."  The women are engrossed in this song, the men are thinking, "what kind of pansy of a man would lift his hands and sing this?"  Little do they know that the song was written by a Warrior, a man that chopped of Goliath's head and killed thousands of men, a man's man, tougher than most men would ever dream to be. The question is, "do men cry, do men get overwhelmed" the answer is most definitely, "yes", the difference is, men will not admit it, rather than cry out to God as David did and get victory and dominion, they cover it up through alcohol, drugs, physical and verbal abuse towards those they love and they engage themselves infidelity to try to reassert their manhood. It causes them to quite their jobs, forsake their families and run; and yet somehow a man doesn't view that as being weak or acting like a pansy, but some how crying out to God is? The strongest men, are those who do admit they cry, even if inside; and do admit life overwhelms them and then cry out to God. I guarantee you, any Christian man that you see in your Church that seems very strong is a man who knows he is very weak He is a man that cries out to God, day in and day out and is not ashamed or embarrassed to sing, "listen to my cry, when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock" and in so doing , God takes that man and puts him on top of the rock while other men get crushed at the bottom of the rock by the waves and storms of life.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


In the financial world, we monitor our investments and if the return is not what we anticipated or if we suffer to many losses, we pull our money out and reinvest in something else with greater dividends. Only in The Kingdom of God do we continue to invest, on what often is not yielding the returns we would want. Only in the Kingdom of God would we continue to invest where we continually take losses. Paul is writing this letter to the Galatians, trying to save a major loss, from a major investment he has made.  Paul himself quotes "the Lord's investment in me was not in vain!".  Paul understands investment and that there should be a return on investment. Paul has greatly invested in this Church, he writes, "Oh foolish Galatians! Who has cast an evil spell on you? For the meaning of Jesus Christ's death was made as clear to you as if you had seen a picture of his death on the cross. How foolish can you be".  He's frustrated, he's vexed, after all the investment he made in them, that they would so easily and so quickly, be swayed back.  To be honest, I don't think Paul's letter accomplished what he perhaps was hoping it would.  It could be that Paul also realized that his letter would not change the course for them, but God inspired Paul to write it so it could change the course for us. The lesson we can learn from Paul and Jesus, is that we invest in lives with no promise of any return. We invest in lives knowing full well, there will be betrayal!  We invest in lives knowing at times it will be in vain. We continue to invest in lives when there is no dividends to cash in. We must be reminded that we invest in people's lives not for people, but for Jesus. Jesus will always be grateful for our investment in other people's lives and our dividends, for the most part, will not come to us here on earth, but are being stored up in Heaven. And that is not some sappy cliche just to make us feel better, next time someone stabs us in the back or walks away after much investment. In the physical realm, investment yields dividends here on earth, in the spiritual realm, investment yields dividends in Heaven. If what we do, we do for people, we will quickly quite the fist time we suffer loss on our investment.  If what we do, we do for Jesus and because of what Jesus did for us, then we will continue to invest, until we die, in the lives of other people because we do it not for them and we do it not for physical and earthly rewards/dividends. No doubt, there are many lives in many churches doing quite well, because of the investment of another Christian; and may that encourage us and be a portion of our reward, but if we begin to lean and depend upon that, to spur us on to invest in another life, eventually that will fail and then what, we stop investing? Take your rewards, your encouragement from wherever you can get it, but always hold to the core of your being, that you invest in others, not for them, but for Christ, and He is always grateful and He will always reward, "for great is your treasure in Heaven", says The Lord.

Monday, September 15, 2014


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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Isaiah is Definitely seeing things that we will never see, at least on this side of eternity.  I was encouraged to read that in God's presence Isaiah did see something that I can say, I also saw!  What is it that we both saw? We both saw that we are sinful men of  unclean lips among a sinful people. Recently I had the opportunity to speak in front of some rather large crowds in our City. Crowds of hundreds on multiple times.  God's presence was there, words were given, a picture drawn before them (metaphorically speaking) and what was heard and what was seen?  To the surprise of many, .....not much.
I have been in the presence of much, much smaller crowds and yet have seen more eyes and ears opened. The Lord says, "they listen carefully, but do not understand, Watch closely, but learn nothing. Harden the hearts of these people.....they will not see with their eyes nor hear with their ears, nor understand with their hearts and turn to me for healing".  It's too bad, because that's exactly what is needed in this situation that has allowed me to speak to so many, ie:.healing.  Will there be healing as God would have it? Probably not! Why? Because they don't see what you see and don't hear what you hear.  What do you see when you are in God's presence? Do you see an interior that does not have aesthetics to your liking, do you hear singers that sing off key.  I was amazed to see so many people come into God's presence yet not see and not hear. However this is a good reminder to us, that the ability of the hearer to hear, and those present to see is never in the hands of the speaker. What happens to that individual once he or she gets in the presence of God is strictly between two principals and those two principals are: God and that individual!  Isaiah is simply the messenger and once Isaiah takes on more of a burden than that he has over stepped his duty for which he volunteered for and this will only lead to Isaiah's discouragement and/or self-deprecation. "In the year of Uzziah's death I saw the Lord'.  Isaiah needed to see The Lord at this juncture in his life, but could we say that Isaiah was the only one that needed to see the Lord? Obviously not, there were many that needed too and many that needed to even more so than Isaiah. However they saw nothing and God goes further to say, "they will continue to see nothing and hear nothing and will not receive comfort from me because their hearts are hardened, but give the message regardless. We as God's messengers must always deliver the message, even if we believe the response is going to be a pre-determined conclusion, so to speak.  Often we walk away and think, "why didn't I say that, if only I had done this, if I had preached harder, prayed more, done this, done that" as if somehow, we have in ourselves the capacity, if we do well enough or exert enough effort, to save a soul. Imagine the condemnation we would walk around with, thinking, "if I had done a better job, that person could have made heaven their home, but now they're going to hell because.....I'm not a good witnesser, I don't know enough scripture, I'm not good with people". I wonder how many Christians walk around with that yoke upon their necks? What do you see or what did you see many years ago or perhaps a few months or weeks ago, when you came into God's presence? I saw what Isaiah saw, that I was a man of unclean lips, a sinful man. I was in God's presence, in a Sanctuary, a man delivered a message, but what took place from that moment was solely between God and I.  What you see and what you hear in God's presence is solely a reflection of your heart. We know that the moon gets it's light from the reflection of the Sun's Light and we know now, that a person's countenance, response in God's presence, is merely a reflection that's coming off their heart, whether we see it, discern it or not, it is a reflection of the heart that's casting a shadow over what they have heard and saw.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The lost of a 5 year old is a loss nobody ever wants to have to face. The murder of a 5 year old is something you would not wish on your worse enemy. Naiya was one of the cutest little girls in our Sunday School class. A senseless murder by a crazed man. This is the hour when darkness reigns, it's a dark, dark hour right now, but the darker the night, the brighter the light shines.  Left behind is a mom and grandmother that are beside themselves. Solomon writes, " I saw the tears of the oppressed and there was none to comfort them".  How true that can be.  This loss, this senseless murder being only 24hrs past is still very much in my head, heart and mind. I have read these words of Solomon many times, but never have they rang so true. Solomon writes, "I concluded that the dead are better than the living".  I stood outside of our church this Sunday, for no reason in particular and stood blocking the door for Naiya to get in. I told her, "you can't get in unless you give me the password" Naiya looked at her grandmother, Susie, dumbfounded and so I whispered to her "Jesus is the password to get in" Naiya smiled and said, "Jesus" and I said, "then you get in, come on in!" Within 24 hrs of the interaction with Naiya, Naiya would be standing before the throne of God re-living that experience and this time knowing why her Pastor asked that question the day before. Naiya is with Jesus, Susie, the grandmother and Tanya, the mom, are left behind to mourn and shed many, many tears; and who will comfort them? Solomon digs deeper and writes, " and better are those never even born, that will not have to experience the evil in the world. Evil, that's all I have felt around me since the news. I sense it when I'm awake and sense it in my dreams. This is, no doubt when darkness reigns. However, we can defy the cynicism of Solomon, as wise as he may have been. We can re-write history that the mourner was not left alone with nobody to comfort. Life's darkest hours, should spurn on the Church's brightest moments. We know that has not always been the case; and that's why Solomon wrote what he did. The Church, at this Crossroads has an opportunity, The Church can either be a startling rebuke to Solomon's cynicism and totally repudiate his words by being the Hands and Feet of Jesus, in this dark hour or she, The Church, can only reinforce his sentiment and his experience, of watching the hurting mourn and shed tears, with not a soul to comfort. Naiya, the religious would say, "rest in peace", but I know better, I say, "live, dance and leap, 'till your hearts content, say hi to Jesus and we will be there soon and we will do our best, to bring your mom with us, whom you prayed for every Sunday"