Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The lost of a 5 year old is a loss nobody ever wants to have to face. The murder of a 5 year old is something you would not wish on your worse enemy. Naiya was one of the cutest little girls in our Sunday School class. A senseless murder by a crazed man. This is the hour when darkness reigns, it's a dark, dark hour right now, but the darker the night, the brighter the light shines.  Left behind is a mom and grandmother that are beside themselves. Solomon writes, " I saw the tears of the oppressed and there was none to comfort them".  How true that can be.  This loss, this senseless murder being only 24hrs past is still very much in my head, heart and mind. I have read these words of Solomon many times, but never have they rang so true. Solomon writes, "I concluded that the dead are better than the living".  I stood outside of our church this Sunday, for no reason in particular and stood blocking the door for Naiya to get in. I told her, "you can't get in unless you give me the password" Naiya looked at her grandmother, Susie, dumbfounded and so I whispered to her "Jesus is the password to get in" Naiya smiled and said, "Jesus" and I said, "then you get in, come on in!" Within 24 hrs of the interaction with Naiya, Naiya would be standing before the throne of God re-living that experience and this time knowing why her Pastor asked that question the day before. Naiya is with Jesus, Susie, the grandmother and Tanya, the mom, are left behind to mourn and shed many, many tears; and who will comfort them? Solomon digs deeper and writes, " and better are those never even born, that will not have to experience the evil in the world. Evil, that's all I have felt around me since the news. I sense it when I'm awake and sense it in my dreams. This is, no doubt when darkness reigns. However, we can defy the cynicism of Solomon, as wise as he may have been. We can re-write history that the mourner was not left alone with nobody to comfort. Life's darkest hours, should spurn on the Church's brightest moments. We know that has not always been the case; and that's why Solomon wrote what he did. The Church, at this Crossroads has an opportunity, The Church can either be a startling rebuke to Solomon's cynicism and totally repudiate his words by being the Hands and Feet of Jesus, in this dark hour or she, The Church, can only reinforce his sentiment and his experience, of watching the hurting mourn and shed tears, with not a soul to comfort. Naiya, the religious would say, "rest in peace", but I know better, I say, "live, dance and leap, 'till your hearts content, say hi to Jesus and we will be there soon and we will do our best, to bring your mom with us, whom you prayed for every Sunday"