Wednesday, December 31, 2014


As we conclude the end of the Bible, at the end of the year; we also read about the “end of the world”.  So much talk today about the end of the world, so many write ups in tabloids about “Armageddon”, so much hype in movies about the “Apocalypse”, in each and every case, it’s about zombies, it’s about doom & gloom. People are crying, people are without hope, people are in fear, they would sell their souls to prevent “the end of the world!” It’s unfortunate that the only perspective we get about “the end of the world” is from those that have rejected God and have nothing but fear, nothing but doom and gloom to look forward to, who can blame them! But for you and I, we have a different perspective all together, about the end of the world. When we read about the end of the world, in the Book of Revelations we don’t get a sense of doom & gloom. I read about a jubilant crowd, the martyrs waiting in Heaven who are excited about this day, “how much longer Lord”, they ask, with great anticipation. We read about the end of the world and a New Heaven and a New earth descending from Heaven where “God’s home is amongst his people, He will live with them and they will be his people.” If there’s anything I’ve ever been told in life that is “too good to be true” this would be at the top of my list! It is hard to imagine a day where evil is once and for all vanquished, where there is no more hurts and pains. A paradise where we no longer have to lock our doors, worry about death, losing a loved one, being murdered, used, raped, bankruptcy, cancer, divorce and all the ills of society are gone and Jesus dwells right there amongst his people. It is too good to be true and I have always been taught, “if it’s to good to be true; then it probably isn’t!” However, this is one promise and probably the only promise that I would ever say to ignore, that old adage. This is too good to be true; however it is true. The end of the world is actually a glorious thing. It is “the thing” that we don’t think of enough, it is the event that we don’t’ dream about enough, it is actually the greatest hope and event for any human being to live for. It is the “blessed hope” of the Christian. The end of the world is the best thing that will ever happen on planet earth and as we read in Revelations, at the end of the year,  we are told about, yes…“the end of the world” and we have nothing more to add, nothing more to say, than what is already written, “Come, Lord Jesus Come!