Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I couldn't help but think as Abram victoriously rescues his nephew Lot, that Lot only goes back to the slime. How often have we risked our lives, "so to speak" to rescue family members/and or friends only to see them go back. So what do we do? Keep doing right, because if you will notice, God honors our labors and sacrifices, regardless; you'll notice that this is the beginning of Abram's great blessing.  It is right after this that Abram meets King Melchizedek and he is bless by Him.  Also another interesting note on the reading is Verse 23. Abram will not accept anything from the "heathen king" lest it be said that he made Abram rich. How important that it can be said that God made us rich, that God is the source of our blessing, not some rich uncle. How often have you been tempted to go to unsaved family, that you know has money, and get some help? What are ur thoughts on today's reading? Add ur comments if any.