Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Can you imagine the controversy of this situation between Mary and Joseph. Joseph could bring Mary before the Elders of the City and have her judged and stoned to death. This is not just any couple either, this is supposed to be "The Godly Couple". Not only is Mary pregnant before their marriage, she is pregnant through somebody else, another man. This is about as scandalous as we could imagine. Her reputation is shot, her fiancee is questioning her purity and religious devotion and the town has judged her as completely immoral. We can speculate all day why God did it this way and come up with some good answers too but what we will not get an answer too is why God allows us in these situations. One thing you will learn about God if you read through the Bible, is that God is not afraid to "shake things up".  God is not afraid of conflict. Not everything is about "peace and harmony" with God.  Sometimes God brings the worse chaos upon our lives. He brings havoc into our lives and is unapologetic for doing so. It's an interesting facet to God's workings, to say the least and I have seen this facet of God's workings, drive many people away. Jesus preaches the sermon about "will you eat my flesh and drink my blood" at which time "many departed" and he looks to Peter and the disciples and asks them, "will you leave too?!"  Jesus is quoted as saying, "you say, peace peace, but I have come to bring a sword, a father against son, daughter against mother...". If you have been in the Church for any amount of time you have seen with your own eyes many of these different scenarios play out, if not in your life then in the lives of others. This is a horrible situation that God puts Mary in, but Mary, though I'm sure she did not understand, accepts it, keeps her faith in God, doesn't question God's moral character, continues to serve Him and goes on into blessing and destiny, but also a future that has some hurts that will accompany. The modern day Christian has forgotten or does not know that God is more concerned about accomplishing His purposes in the earth than He is with our blessings, comfort and peace.