Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The Psalmist is fighting for his own innocence, it's funny how we are always right "in our own eyes". The Bible declares, "let another mans lips praise you and not your own". The reason is, we can't trust you to praise you!  We can't trust you to declare your own innocence. This is why we spend billions of tax dollars for jury's and costly court cases. Why "because any man will proclaim his own innocence, but who can find a faithful man?"  The writer gets a little bolder, or should I say, much boulder and tells God "to arouse, awake himself from his sleep". How bold we can get with God, "hey God, wake up, pay attention, don't you see what's going on?!" I think...and ask myself the question, "do I have any innocence to declare to God?" My answer is.... "NO". I must be a guilty culprit everyday, and if not everyday, very close to it. What innocence can I declare to God? We fall short of the Glory of God every day. I'm not bragging about, I'm not proud about it and I'm not aloof about it, it is simply a fact. I need to strive for perfection, that is the mark we are trying to hit, Jesus said, "be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect". We should not settle for anything less, but while we are striving to be better, there is always room for improvement. Even Paul the great Apostle said, "I have not arrived, I am still striving to be all that Christ called me to be." The more I listen to someone declare their innocence and declare how unjust and unfair God is, the more certain I know, "they are guilty" and their hearts are not right with God. There is one approach towards this whole subject of innocence, and that is, "I am guilty and God is just, merciful and full of forgiveness, I get what I don't deserve and I don't' get what I deserve". That's the only stance for a human being to take before God, anything less, is slanderous towards our Creator and for some....."their Savior!" In short, don't slander God's character to defend yourself!