Saturday, September 19, 2015


Things will change in a little more than a year, Isaiah prophesies; and the change is going to be based on our attitudes and decisions we are making today, tomorrow, next week and next month. You think it's not big deal now, but you won't think it's not big deal, a little more than a year from now.  One of the key factors that Isaiah warns us, that is going to affect us, a little more than a year from now, is going to be our complacency. "Rise up" says the Lord. Rise up you people of power. Every sing that in church and wonder, "where are those people of power?"  Is it because we just know too much about each other or they simply are not there? Isaiah continues, "the harvest will not come and there will be no fruit, tremble you complacent. If I told you I could tell you your future and it would not be sorcery, it would be from God, just call me, get with me, my phone would be ringing constantly. Well, here it's your future!  "Thanks" you say, for the negative message today!" NO, it's a positive one! Why? Because of the very reason that we all want to know our future; and that reason is, if we don't like it, maybe we can alter it. And I know the message today is that we can definitely alter our future. A little more than a year from now we can be well, prospering and getting along fine, why? Because we changed our attitude, fore-knowing where it would lead us. We got a startling revelation that complacency will ruin all that I'm striving for and want out of life. Complacency is not red, with horns a pitchfork and a tail. Complacency is not a spirit that we can say, "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus", complacency is an attitude, that we must fight and conquer. If there's one thing we can learn about God through the bible and that is, that He is always more than willing to change his plans, for the better, if His people are willing to rise up, take action, repent, whatever the case may be, one thing we can always count on, God is always more than willing to scrap the script and write a new one, if it's in your favor! He holds the script in His hand and He's asking you, "scrap it, write a new one or goes with this one, let me know when you decide."