Wednesday, October 28, 2015


It's very interesting, Isaiah predicts the rise of Babylon when they are insignificant nobodies, it is hardly believable that Babylon is every going to rise to any stage of great prominence, never mind, defeat Israel and take them all in captive to be their slaves. Yet that's exactly what happened. Now we have Jeremiah, when Babylon is the greatest force in the earth predicting that they will be reduced to nothing, they will be something to be laughed at and mocked, this is also hardly believable, especially as he predicts this while they are great. Yet, approx 65-70 years later, the Medes and Persians come in and completely destroy Babylon, the Great. Isaiah predicts their greatness when they are nothing, Jeremiah predicts their fall when they are great. The boldness of these predictions......these prophecies will either prove them to be true Prophets or false prophets. History (don't even have to use the Bible) proves both these Prophets to be 100% accurate. Not only in their predictions of the events to come but also in the time they would come. The atheist will say, "the bible is just a book written by men" and that it's a book written by men, men 100 years apart that never knew each other, but yet all their predictions and prophecies fall into perfect alignment. Just like you can tell the earth has behind it a divine creator, so can you tell the Bible has been sown together by a divine creator. We can't even predict the weather or the stock market, but yet these men predicted the rise and fall of Kingdoms and predicted when it would happen. Coincidence is the god of the atheist. Anything they can't explain they dismiss as coincidence or " I don't know". The atheist needs faith in faith itself, which actually makes no sense, to believe what they believe, the Christian must have faith in God to believe what they believe. The atheist relies on non-nonsensical talking points in all their arguments, we Christians have History on our side. It's History that proves the Bible to be true, not Christians. Any Historian will tell you, one of the greatest tools over the centuries in studying history, has been the Bible. It is pinpoint accurate as far as dates, leaders & nations, rising and falling. The characters in the Bible are real life characters that can be traced right through even secular history books. The only person who dismisses the Bible as a man made book, is only the man who is ignorant and have never read it through from cover to cover.