Monday, November 2, 2015


  Are you enjoying your Sabbath? We work to rest. If we dismiss the Sabbath as 21st Century Christians, we show our ignorance of the Sabbath. For man was not made for the Sabbath, but the Sabbath was made for man, Jesus proclaims. The author in Hebrews is alluding to the fact or point, that Heaven is our Sabbath as Christians. Retirement is very much ingrained in the culture of North American Society, it is the ultimate, earthly Sabbath. That God made the earth in six days and rested on the seventh day has been reduced to no more than a Children’s Church story. However it’s meaning and implications, ironically, is meant for Adults, not in anyway, was it meant for Children. However it is good to teach our children, that there is a day of Sabbath, a day of rest, even if at times, that means boredom to the child. The Sabbath is meant for us in the same way it was meant for the land. In the 7th year the Israelites were told to give the land rest, to allow it a year of rest to replenish its nutrients.  Experts say today the land has been so depleted of it’s nutrients that it is false to think, that we can get by with just eating vegetables because those vegetables do not contain half the vitamins they once contained because the soil has been depleted of all it’s nutrients. And we as humans become the same and you and I have both met and run into the human who disregard the Sabbath, he or she is a worn and depleted human being. You can sit there and try to throw your Theology at me and explain to me how the Sabbath is an Old Testament ritual, but call me ignorant if you want, but I see Heaven as New Testament and in Hebrews, the author describes to us, the true Sabbath, that has been prepared for us, the eternal Sabbath and day of rest for God’s people, Heaven!!. We work while it is day because the night cometh when no man can work. We labor now, for the rest that is coming, when that rest does not come or we have no hope of that rest, we become unproductive as citizens and we become equally unproductive a celestial citizens. There is meaning behind the Sabbath on both sides of Eternity. The Sabbath was never meant to become forced or become “a law” Jesus tries to explain to you and I….”listen, the Sabbath was made for you, don’t you get it?”  Do we get it? Are you run down and ragged, has the soil of your life been depleted of all nutrients? Two things God gave us to help us in our journey, the Holy Spirit and The Sabbath, amazing how many Christians think, they can get by without them!