Monday, November 30, 2015


 28 “This is the end of the matter. I, Daniel, was deeply troubled by my thoughts, and my face turned pale, but I kept the matter to myself.”  WHAT then is the purpose of this crazy revelation if he is just to keep it to himself, ever wonder that? Isn't the revelation we receive to share with others? We'll get to that later, for now I would say, of course Daniel kept it to himself, who would have believed him?  Had he shared "the matter" with others they would have thought he was crazy?  Is all revelation for sharing? Not according to Daniel! What are these crazy, Steven Spielberg revelations for anyway, if not for sharing? What are the prophecies and almost "fictional" like revelations written in the book of Revelations for...if not for sharing?  Have you ever heard another Christian trying to share what I call a "Revelations Witness" to another person that is not a Christian? To what effect is that, other than to leave them with their head spinning and thinking you are crazy. Why not rather "share" with them what Jesus told us to share with them, The Gospel!
     Not everything in the Bible is meant for public consumption and sharing. The Bible is predominately written for the edifying of Christians. Paul even writes in the letter to the Corinthians that the carnal mind has no understanding of spiritual matters, has no understanding of God's word. If we will be honest, the average Christian does not even understand the revelations found in Ezekiel, Daniel and the book of Revelations, why would we try to share them  with non-believers?  Daniel kept it to himself, it was for him.  There's revelation that is "just for us, just for you".  You try to share with others, explain to others with excitement and quickly find out that they are not so enthralled by it, as you are, and then you ask, why Lord?  And the answer is, for you....that's why, just from me, to you.  I always remember the scripture about Mary that says, "when she heard all these things (concerning Jesus) she treasured her heart".  That's it? Yes, that's it! She did not try to share with others, it was to deep for others to even digest, it was for her, for what she would be going through in the near future.  She stored them away for future date. We feel that intense revelation is to be shared, but often it is to be stored away, treasured in our heart for a future date or to get us through a particular season in our walk with God.  It may or may not benefit someone in the future, who knows....but what we can know is God says, "that one was for you, go ahead and store that away, you will benefit from it".  I'm not quit sure how Daniel benefited from his revelation and I'm not quite sure how you have benefited.  How many of you can honestly say, "oh yeah, the ten horns of the beast really helped me through that horrible crisis, tragedy and trial I went through last year".  How many of you can say, "oh yeah, when my loved one passed away, my finances tanked last year and my daughter backslid, it was the scripture in Revelations, the lion with the seven faces, when I read that revelation, it just helped me get through a period I didn't think I could have survived otherwise".  I am not mocking The Word of God in anyway, I just know, as David wrote in the Psalms, "these things, are to wonderful (complex) for even I to consider (contemplate)."
     I can hear the screaming question "THEN WHAT ARE THEY FOR?!" Well, what are the quadrillion stars in the sky for?  It's a revelation of some sort. What is the vastness of the Universe for, did God really have to make it that big?  What is the knowledge of Jupiter, Venus and Mars for? God could have concealed those planets from us, but he didn't . We spend year after year and millions of dollars exploring these planets and still 2000 years later we are still scratching our heads.  We have so many problems in our world,  a global economic crisis, but we are obsessed with the revelations of outer space and trying to figure it out. We as Christians can also become pre-occupied with revelations that are to wonderful for us, while we ignore and fail to practice, that Word of God that is available for us to understand and apply.  What are these revelations for, they are for "we that believe" to have a glimpse of how big and awesome this God is that we serve and of incredible things to come.  But we must first believe in Him (God) before we believe in what He (God) promises, otherwise it's all non-sense.  Before my wife can believe in the dreams I have of our future, she must first believe in me.  We put the cart before the horse when we try to share God's dreams of our future, the New Jerusalem, when they don't even believe in God. First preach Jesus, preach The Gospel, then once and if they believe, then perhaps they will believe in revelations that "are to wonderful for me to even comprehend".