Tuesday, December 15, 2015


If a liar and deceiver comes and says, "I will prophecy for you plenty of wine and beer, that would be just the prophet for this people"
Isn't that the scripture every person should know and memorize. It's hard to believe this was written over 2000 years ago and not just last week. It goes to show that God has a sense of humor and sarcasm working in Him and it proves He knows what most of us really want. This Holiday season is all about wine & beer. God is 100% accurate in his assessment. The prophet that would tells us "have all the wine and beer you want" is the prophet we want and he is the prophet that we have today. It's not just the sinners boozing it up this time of year, it's the sipping saints too! It's the festive time of year! It's festive because we are filled with wine and beer. I may have my mind on plenty of other things when I get to Heaven, but right now, today, my question to Jesus would be, "why did you do it?". Why beer, why wine, why alcohol? Alcohol has destroyed so many families, killed so many people, caused so much harm. But then again, even as I'm writing this, I think, "so has money".  And I'm not asking God why "there is money", I sure do enjoy money. And money, the bible states, or the love of money, is "the root of all evil".  I can't even say the bible has that harsh a statement against alcohol. It seems that God gives humanity the freedom to choose and exercise self control pertaining to all things. God wants us to be masters of all and mastered by nothing, but Him. God does speak plenty about alcohol in His word, All over God's word he cautions us that wine and strong drink creates brawls and He tells us that he who is lead astray by it, is not wise. Yet alcohol still remains as an option in the earth. Paul exhorts his ministers and bishops in his epistles not to be given to alcohol.  What can be more unbearable to watch than a drunk minister or minister's wife. All I know is we are a generation that has become obsessed with alcohol (we can celebrate nothing without it) and often times those that are supposed to be "the light of the world" are no different. All I know is God writes to us in His Word, that if you wanted to consecrate yourself to The Lord in a special way, He said, "then avoid all alcohol". You can not only live without it, but you can serve me much better without it! Just remember your scripture today, "if a prophet would come to you prophesying "more beer and wine" HE WOULD BE A DECEIVER AND A LIAR.