Monday, December 7, 2015


It's horrible to read about the moral decline of Israel. Was Israel really this bad? As we read about the moral decline of Israel, it's hard not to think about the moral decline of America. We see that the name and title the Priests wear, has no bearing on their behavior. They are just as lewd and immoral as the rest of the people, if not worse. What happens when we lose are relationship with God and just become religious, is exactly this. No longer does the name we bear, have any effect on how we live or conduct ourselves. For the most part, Americans have lost their relationship with God, but are still a religious people. And so we have a Nation of self professing religious people, who's conduct is rated R.  America is still pretty religious, some states are more religious than others, ie: Texas, Alabama and the whole mid-west, but you will not find conduct that is being curved or tamed, anymore by people in these states as opposed to other states. All you will find is that the churches are fuller and the people are more religious, but they will be almost as immoral and profane as those that claim no religious affiliation. This is the place Israel has come to. Israel still has her religious background, but she has become, in conduct, just as immoral as the civilizations around her. How do we or how do I know when I am becoming religious? The answer is simply when you no longer allow your relationship with God. to curve and tame your morality and conduct, you are on a fast road to becoming devilishly religious!