Tuesday, August 16, 2016


If you don't have time to read Paul's discourse on Christian benevolence, let me sum it up for you today! Stop being dogmatic with each other; especially young Christians, if you want to be fruitful and see people saved. This is all nit picking and petty stuff, the kind of stuff that repels people, not draws them in. Paul writes that his end focus in everything, is to see people saved.  It's not about you, it's about them.  But I wonder if his words are falling on deaf ears, I wonder if our words today, are falling on deaf ears.  It would be like gathering a group of men together in a room and delivering your dissertation on bargain shopping and how to find the best sales at Macy's and the best yard sales to find great deals. You may have all the wisdom and expertise in the world on the subject matter, but you just don't have the right crowd to share that with. "Well, the church is definitely the right crowd to share this with!"  Is it?  I wonder how many took Paul's advice and calmed down on their stance on not eating certain foods for the sake of others or vice versa?  "The Church" is one of the rare organizations that exists mainly for it's "non-members". It's not about the congregation members, it's about those that God is drawing in.  Jesus said, "none have I lost that you brought me" can we say the same? This is not a redundant statement, Jesus didn't make redundant statements, if Jesus said that then it possible that we can lose people, even though God was the one that drew them to us. And how do we lose them? By being dogmatic with them!