Sunday, August 21, 2016


Okay, maybe my pessimism or cynical nature is going to come out here (I apologize in advance) but WHO in the world is contending for "Spiritual Gifts" in your church? You talk about an outdated scripture. We are the generation of the Mega and Entertainment Church, pop-psychology, feel good sermons and where does me seeking gifts, so that the church be edified, fit into that? I am here for me, I come to church so I can be lifted up, so I can be encouraged, so I can benefit, and it better be good too!  This whole foregone idea of desiring "Gifts" was back in the day when people wanted to help and be a blessing to their church. Can you imagine someone desiring The Gift of Tongues of Prophesy, risking, looking like a fool, for what? So the church can be edified, never mind that! I have been saved for over 23 years and have never, heard, in any conversation, someone say, "you know, I"m seeking spiritual gifts so the church may  be edified".  I know, I know, I'm just in the wrong church or hanging out with nonspiritual people. So what has your experience been then?
 Paul writes,  "Even so, as much as your desire Spiritual Gifts, seek to excel in gifts that you may edify the church".  I'm not sure who Paul thinks he's writing to here, but I can't imagine trying to push this one, "hey, seek to prophesy (yes out loud) in church so the church may be edified" The response today, "like I'm so sure, really?!?"  However, these are not the only gifts, how about the gift of hospitality, how about the gift of helps, how about the gifts of administration, how about the gift of teaching, these are all gifts, mentioned in the Bible, that we can aspire to as Christians and they are all for the edifying of the Church; which ones, have you been seeking so that your church, may be edified, through your life?