Wednesday, August 31, 2016


JOB is apparently one of the 1st books written from the Bible. Theologians attribute the writing of the Book to Moses. It's really a fascinating book into God's thoughts. "Were you there when I command those proud waves, here you will stop and go no further".  So much in life we take for granted and don't consider, that's now how it always was, until God "made it to be". The storage of rain in clouds, the insight into the mindset of even "a horse". We take it for granted that a horse is so strong, we take it for granted that this animal just races in battle with no fear of the sword. Try getting another animal to do that, but we take if for granted. God says, "I made the horse like that".  We get insight even in to the Ostrich, "not the wisest of animals, doesn't have much sense" but when it runs, it leaves the horse and rider behind. There's no way this insight is coming from Moses or any other man, especially way back then, what did Moses do, line up the horse and Ostrich in a race and then say "go".  The Ostrich is the 2nd fastest animal on the planet, there's no way Moses could have known this. Truly Moses is being inspired and led by God, as he is writing all this down. Moses is writing down "words with knowledge" as Job is speaking "words without knowledge". So often we speak without knowledge. We are quite opinionated people, but often that's all it is, "our opinion" and often we are just speaking without knowledge, as God accuses Job of doing. God also adds, that not only do we speak "without knowledge" but we darken His counsel because of it.  In other words, because we are saying things we don't even know anything about, we make God look bad. Imagine a little kid standing around listening to an adult say, "I don't believe in God because of all the evil that is in this world". The counsel of God is darkened because a man or woman is speaking without knowledge, in complete ignorance and making God look bad. That child grows up attributing all evil in the world, to God, it's His fault. I heard a man say that! Everyday we speak without knowledge about other people's lives and problems, we speak without knowledge about wars, suffering and tragedy. We speak without knowledge about issues in the church. We speak without knowledge about political matters and world affairs. One thing about most people, we love to talk and speak our opinion, we love to get on our "soap box" just like Job. In our story it is quite interesting and awesome to finally seek God jack someone's chain, so to speak. This sure does silence Job, doesn't it!  And it would surely silence you and I, if He did it to us.  Next time you go running off with your mouth about God's injustice, other people's lives and issues in the church, maybe you want to just stop and think, could I be speaking without knowledge?