Sunday, September 25, 2016


Are you into Astrology? I've got some bad news for you today. God is not! What we learn about God today is that He does take notice of all.  We are not going to hear about every day, He's not going to bring it up every day, but today, He chooses to "let it out" so to speak. "Let your astrologers come forward, those stargazers who make predictions by the month, let them save you".  God is talking about all the little things that upset him, the stupid things we do, like fashioning an idol for ourselves and them having to pin it down so it doesn't  topple over, what kind of god is that and while God is on his rant about stupid things, He brings up the topic of Astrology. I grew up Roman Catholic and every Christmas, I knew I would get my new astrology, horoscope book for the coming year, I was so excited! I read that horoscope book religiously, it was my bible. I believed in it, but God is saying today, "I believed in a lie'. What sign are you? Leo? Sagitarian, Scorpio, Virgo? It's nonsense when you think about it. The "Leo" is a leader because he/she is born in July, and so we find a great Leader and find out he/she was born in July, it must be true!!! Well, what about the great leaders that were born in January, March, October? The one that always got me was "The Scorpio", one of the characteristics of the Scorpio was "Sex".   "Wow, I want to meet a Scorpio", I would think as a teenager.....however, as we live out life, we must come to think that the whole world was born in November (Scorpio), because the world is obsessed and saturated in sex. I believe it vexes God that intelligent creatures as Human Beings, that He created, would fall for this stuff, but yet not believe in Him.
The stupid things we believe in, but yet won't believe in Him or His Word. God is not going to rant and rave everyday but that is not for us to take his silence as his approval. We are caught up in so many little things, stupid things and because they do not fall under the great cardinal sins of the church, we think.."God probably doesn't care", but He does. If there's one thing we can learn from our reading today, is He does care about these side issues that we think He doesn't care about. God's got bigger things to deal with then whether or not I think it's cool that I'm a Leo and I read my astrology, well today He took the time to let us know, He does care and it does bother Him. But today's reading is not about "astrology" it's about God seeing and being concerned about every aspect of our lives, the big, the little and the in-between.