Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Our society is obsessed with sexual immorality. Our society is not obsessed with sex, just immoral sex. There's no headline news about any monogamous, married couples having sex; no that's boring, that's sanctioned by God.  What we like is the notty, the immoral, the illicit, affairs, sex videos, anything that defies God's moral laws; is really what our society is about. Sexual perversion is was the reason for the original flood, but nobody knows or cares about that. Now sexual sin is being pushed upon the church and to be accepted as "the norm" in the church because it's so flagrant outside the church. We want to blame sexual sin on "the last days". However, if Paul is writing about the subject a few thousand years ago; and God flooded the earth because of it at least a millennia before that, then we know that sexual sin has nothing to do with "the last days" it's simply part of our fallen nature. Paul is addressing the church, challenging them to live holy and pure lives and to exercise control over their bodies and not giving in to their lusts and sex, "as the pagans do". This is the sharp contrast that Paul is trying to make. So listen up, "this is what pagans do!". Sexual sin is not to be tolerated in the church because it's "what pagans do".  If you will not (the choice is yours) control your body and your sexual passions than you are a pagan.  I heard of a Pastor recently who was baptising a couple that is shacking up together and fornicated and he told them, "you two really should get married" and then baptized them! How different this is from John the Baptist who sent those away that were coming to get baptized and told them, "first, go show fruits of repentance, then come back and I'll baptise you". Paul would have told this couple, "you are no better than pagans, no I'm not baptising you, as a matter a fact, if you don't repent, you will be kicked out of the church". That's what Paul would have done and that's what he suggested to the leaders of the Corinthian church to do, "cast the fornicator out from among you". If we want to talk about the last days, then let me say, what will separate the church from the world, in the last days, will be the church's stance on morality. The hallmark of the Christian Church is "morality". Prior to Jesus, Israel, Rome, Italy, Egypt and many other nations were filled with religion and deity's. What Christianity brought to the world was not another religion, but rather Christianity brought morality to a pagan, religious culture. The day we give up our stance on morality, sexual purity, then we become just another noise, among the many, many religions that fill the earth, but are nothing more than man's deluded attempt, to reconcile himself with God, on his terms, not God's.