Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Ever hear that argument from atheists, "I believe human beings are really creative and invented God to help them through tough times and unexplainable events". Well, if human beings created God to help them, why does history show that human beings want nothing to do with who they (according to atheists..) created? The atheist says "we created God for us, to help us believe, but history has shown that humans want nothing to do with God? So which is it?  In our text today in Jeremiah we read, "why do my people say, at least we are free from God, we don't need him anymore". Atheists embrace many fallacies and one of them is that they are living in a Christian World and they are the rugged few that reject God , so they come up with ridiculous theories that "we" created this notion of God because that's what we wanted. If that's the case, then when Pontius Pilate offered humans and option to release Barabbas, the loathe some murderer, or Jesus, why did they choose for Barabbas to be released and Jesus to be executed? And the answer to that is man has not wanted God and it makes no sense that God was our idea. We think today and only today our society has gone secular, but the bible (and history in case you are atheist and don't believe in the bible) shows us man has always wanted to be free from the restraints of God. The only difference between a worldly (secular) citizen and an atheist is that the secular citizens lives his life in defiance of God, while believing in Him and the atheist dismisses God so they too can live in defiance of God, but not have to feel guilty or fear death, because they have dismissed God's existence.  In the end, the secular citizen and the atheist are the same, in that each of them must wake up each day and suppress the truth, ie: that there is a God and one day they will answer to Him. The Christian is simply the atheist or secular citizen that finally decides just to submit his/her rebellious will to God, do right and then stop suppressing what they have always known....and what is that you ask? That there is a God and that they have been in rebellion, set on their own course to do their own will, as Frank Sinatra so boldly proclaimed in his hit song, that the world applauded, "I did it may way!"  You can do it "your way" but then have the guts to face up to the consequences rather than fabricate the "true lie" that there is no God. If there's anything we can say man has invented, it's not the notion of God that man has invented, it's the notion that "there is no God" that man has invented and to that God responds in Psalm 14:1 "the fool has said in his heart, there is no God". Why don't you share this with your atheist aquantainces or compadres!