Thursday, November 10, 2016


Could you be a Psalm writer?  "No, I'm not poetic".  The Psalms are not about poetry, they're about relationship. What encourages us in reading the Psalms is reading about the relationship the writer(s) have with God. It's refreshing, it's encouraging, it shows us what we can have; and should have!  "Your faithfulness reaches to the sky"  "I will sing your praises"  "all human help is useless, with God's help we will do mighty things". It is so refreshing to read and in so doing , it implants in our minds, thoughts that are right, thoughts that are in line with God's Word.  So different than what we hear otherwise, from week to week from our brethren and sisteren! Staying home from church, speaking doubt and negativity, talking of losing their faith, God's not coming through, etc..etc...and then we read the Psalms, we read about men that are enthused, pumped up, about their relationship with God and something inside of us says, "yeah, that's, the way it should be, that's who I want to hang around with", so the question is...."could you be a Psalm writer?  Do you have anything good to write? Do you have anything praise worthy to say? Are you even going to church faithfully? Are you even praying regularly? Do you worship when you do go to church or just sit or stand there detached; could you be a Psalm writer? Have you ever tried to write a Psalm, have you ever wrote a journal on the faithfulness and goodness of God? Could you be a Psalm writer, should you be a Psalm writer? The answers...YES and YES. Set your mind, your attitude, to be a Psalm writer. Strive for that relationship with God that the Psalmists had and sit yourself down and write a Psalm for God, write a Psalm, to God!