Sunday, November 6, 2016


The Psalmist writes, "who can list the glorious miracles of the Lord!" I dare say, there are some reading this blog that might challenge that!"  They would say, "list them, I'm hard pressed to think of one!
How'' your miracle life? Miracles go hand in hand with opportunity. We have our lives so structured and we don't venture out in faith, we keep it safe. Well then don't complain you have no miracles. Peter had to step out of the boat to experience a miracle, but don't forget there was a handful of other disciples that stayed in the boat, safe and experienced no miracle! You can have it both ways.  Christians who venture, in faith, are the ones that have the "lists of miracles" to write about. 
 "Does God still do miracles? In your intellect you say, "yes of course", but in your heart what do you say? God does miracle, yes! Does He do miracles for you? Do you encourage others to believe in miracles and now you need a miracle but yet you are having a hard time believing God for a miracle, for yourself. "I believe for others so why can't I believe for me?", people ask. I have a simple answer for that, "you don't believe for others, it's a fallacy is all it is, it's just talk because it DOES'T really matter, because it's not you. True faith causes a believer to Believe God for their own miracle, before believing for another and once we see God do a miracle for us then and only then, can we TRUL believe for someone else. It's backwards to say, "I believe for others but not for myself, it's actuallydisingenuous.
Does God still do miracles, of course, question He doing them for you and if not, then why?