Tuesday, November 8, 2016


"An external washing, ceremonies" that's all they are, writes the author of Hebrews, UNTIL, the time of the New Order. Do some research, find out, "are there more Catholics, than Born Again Christians, in the world?"  I believe there is. If God ever slept, this idea of the New Order would have kept Him up at night with excitement. Away with religious ceremonies, away with an external washing, that does not clear the conscience. The new order will be Christ coming Himself, by the Holy Spirit, to make His dwelling place in our hearts. Now are consciences can be cleansed/cleared, now we can washed within. Now we can be clean inside and out, not just a superficial, surface change, but a true change, "if any man be in Christ, he is a New Creation". Well, the New Order has come and Praise God there are many all over the world that rejoice at being saved, being Born Again, being made a "New Creation", but yet there are literally millions that still want to hold on to the old order, of religious ceremonies and only external washing" but still being filthy inside. There are an estimated 1.2 Billion Catholics in the world today. That's HUGE! Why would the vast majority of the world's population, reject the "New Order"? Why would they reject God's great plan to abolish the Priesthood, to do away with religious ceremonies and only an external washing? Why? Why? Why? I will let you figure that one out!