Thursday, December 1, 2016


Daniel is trafficking in two worlds, as we must. He’s getting all this revelation from God, but yet he must get up and go to work; and to make things worse, serve a heathen king. Daniel is sick in bed, probably mental anguish; eventually he gets up and goes to work. It is hard trafficking in what seems like two worlds, at times. I remember my wife coming into the room one Monday morning as I lay in bed. “You’re not going to work?”, she asked.  I said, “no”.  “What’s wrong, are you sick?”  I said, “yes,....mentally sick!”. There’s nothing wrong or deceitful about taking a sick day over mental sickness. Some how we associate sick days with just the body, but the mind gets sick too! Mental anguish and grief is just as handicapping, if not more, than being a work with a wicked cold. However, like a cold, we must recover and get back on our feet. Daniel is out for a few days, but eventually he gets back to work, but yet the heavy revelation is still pressing upon his mind, as he goes about his daily duties at work, serving the King, whatever that may be. As Christians we must be able to traffic in Holy things and yet still come down from the mountain top experiences, and change diapers, do laundry, take out the trash, change the oil and go to work and often serve, heathen employers. We need to be careful of thinking we are to high and lofty for secular work and must sit home, pray and read all day long. If Daniel, with the visions that he received from God, could also function in a very secular world, so can we.  If Paul could bring himself down from his great revelation and influence for God; and build tents, then so can we. We must learn to traffic in two worlds and be effective and useful in both!