Saturday, December 24, 2016


 Adultery is an ugly thing.  Adultery should never happen, Adultery is part of our culture. Adultery is one of the 10 Commandments; actually it’s mentioned twice in only 10 Commandments. Proverbs mentions 3 things that make the earth tremble, paraphrased by me, “will rock your world”, and one of those is “a servant/slave girl who supplants her mistress”.  Imagine, the humiliation of a woman, with status, who had all the accessories available to her to make herself beautiful to her husband, all the resources she needs.  She can be rested, therefore in a pleasant mood for her husband, she has resources, therefore can lavish herself with all she needs to beautify herself, perfumes, dresses, beautiful night gowns, products to enhance her features, her body, her hair and here we have this lowly servant girl, with a mop in her hand, no make up, nothing to beatify her, no status in life, she is just "a lowly servant girl"; how does she ever supplant (move out of her spot) this woman who had all the advantages? The woman with all the advantages in her grasp feels completely unthreatened by this lowly servant girl, but how shocked is she when she finds out her husband is having an affair with this lowly servant girl and what’s worse is it’s not just sexual, this lowly servant girl has also won her husband's heart! The bible says, “these are the things that make the earth tremble!” It is scandalous, it is shocking and it happens all the time and has been happening for a very long time and the bible says, “these things ought not to be”. Often when we hear of an affair we are wanting to see who this “drop dead gorgeous woman” is who seduced this man away from his wife and sometimes we are shocked to “see” she is not near as good looking as his wife and so we then wonder, “how did this servant girl supplant (remove her from her spot) his wife? His wife had access to him always, his wife had all the resources, all the beauty, how could this happen? Could it be that men are not as superficial as they are accused of being! Could it be that men do appreciate outer beauty very much, but they are also drawn to inner beauty? Can it be that in the long run, inner beauty of a woman will triumph over the outer beauty of another woman? These are all rhetorical questions because history has given us all the answers to these questions and they are all definitively “yes”. It should not happen, it ought never to happen but yet it happens every day and somewhere, even now, as I write this, some woman, with all the advantages is in the middle of being supplanted by some servant girl and she doesn't even have a clue and when she finds out it will be too late! When you think of all the things that God could have written that “rock the world” He chose to mention this, “a servant/slave girl who supplants her mistress”.  Why? Because it just shouldn't be, it is completely backwards; as backwards as a fool prospering! I believe this scripture is not an indictment against men; but rather it is an indictment against women. Women who had all the advantages at their disposal to keep their husbands, but yet lost them to another woman, not just any other woman, but lost them to another woman who was so greatly disadvantaged, it is truly an indictment. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of scripture in Proverbs that does indict men against adultery, plenty more so than any towards women, but that is not the case today. This one today, is for women, take heed, it is a shame, it is scandalous, it rocks the world, that any woman, with all the advantages at her disposal, would ever lose her husband to another woman, yet it happens every day, just don’t let it happen to you!