Friday, September 1, 2017


We are reading about Solomon. He is the testimony and witness, to all men.  He had and did what many men can only dream about. His story is a true story, not fantasy or dreams. Read it and weap! He had all the money, all the power, he had it all. And Solomon makes sure to put in there, "...and had many beautiful concubines". For those of us his knowledge is not that vast, "concubines" were women that he slept with. And of those, he had many and they were all beautiful. He had it all! Today, per God's word, we are regulated to being committed to sleeping with one woman, one wife. Our vows say, "for better or for worse" and often we think that in health or financial matters, but it also applies to physical appearance. Regardless of the deterioration of the appearance of our spouses, this is the one we are to be committed to when it comes to intimacy. Here is Solomon , not just limited to one woman, but many and they are all super models. So he has the money, the power, fame and the babes! I know, I know, you hate him! Now here's the catch, that you and I, of course to buy for one minute, but in his own words, "it's all meaningless" in summary, it didn't fulfill him. Now you can say, "that's his problem" I would be fulfilled, bring all that my way, you'll never hear any peep out of me!" Well, if you're shall and superficial and maybe hellbound, there might be a few out there who are happier than a pig in mud, for the rest of their lives, but for the rest of us, I believe, that just like our brother Solomon, you and I, would find ourselves, eventually feeling void and without meaning and purpose in life. The bible declares "the soul of man longs for God" and the God "has put eternity in the hearts of men". There's something in us that yearns for more the sinful pleasures and lusts of the flesh. The problem with this story is very few believe in the reality of his abundant and lavish life that he lived and fewer believe that if it was true, that Solomon wasn't satisfied by it. I choose to believe they are both true. And that I can learn from Solomon. It doesn't mean we don't at time long for the lusts of the flesh and the pride of this life (as Paul wrote) but it means we draw ourselves back, reign in our flesh and remind ourselves, these are not the things that "ultimately" satisfy.