Wednesday, September 6, 2017


The Song of Solomon is quite some sultry poetry, for the Bible, or for any other book, for that matter. While there's much that we could analyse from this book, I will leave that to you! But one theme, that does keep arising, in the book, is "don't awaken love before it's time!".  It reminds me of the warning to Jack, in "Jack and the Bean Stock" don't awaken the giant!  Eventually Jack awakens the giant and Jack cannot put the giant down afterwards. The moral of the story, is that some things in life, once awakened, cannot be put back down to rest. We are sexual creatures and once sexuality has been awakened in us, it will not be put down. This is one of the greatest violations of sexual molestation, sexuality has been awakened "before it's time" and children that are molested are now altered and changed, from that day forth. However, it's not always sexual molestation that awakens someones sexuality too early, it could be pornography that is found in the home, by a son or daughter. I have heard many stories from men, that struggled with sexuality, that reference it back to the day they found one of their dad's Playboy Magazines at 7-8 years old and sexuality was awakened before it's time. I have heard of young girls, who went out at 12-14 years old and began to be promiscuous at way too early an age and it was a downward spiral from there. They became sexually, mentally and emotionally confused.  We are all sexual creatures, but awakening sexuality in someone before it's time is like putting a 10 year behind the wheel of a Ferrari and saying, "go now, son, take it for a drive". It is way too much power for a child to handle and he will crash at best or kill himself at worse, in the process. "We are all sexual creatures, I have nothing to hide from my children" is the ignorant mantra of parents and the world today. They take a truth and mix it with lies or at least ignorance. Yes, no doubt we are all sexual creatures, but the wisdom of God, here in the Song of Solomon is.....Love awakened before its' time, is not good! The greatest epidemic of our generation is not drugs, it's young men and women that are sexually screwed up! Hearts are being broken, suicides are too numerous to count, depression, drugs, 14 year olds walking around with babies, homosexuality is rampant, pornographic, sexual, adulterous web sites are thriving, we are a perverse generation. And it is not because sex is wrong, it's because the time has been wrong. The Song of Solomon, celebrates sex, God put that book in the Bible, it didn't sneak in there without God's knowledge, but the book was also put in there with a WARNING LABEL, "don't awaken this in someone, before it's time". And that, is where we have failed as a society and we are reaping the consequences big time. But it's never too late to put the brakes back on. We are not prudes, and I am not a bad parent for not allowing my 10 year old to take a Ferrari for a test drive, I am actually a caring and loving parent for doing so. And I am not a prude, to delay the awakening of sexuality in my children. The warning today, in our reading, is not at all about sex, no, it's the opposite, the Song of Solomon celebrates sex, the warning today in our reading is about awakening sexuality in a young man or woman, before it's time, it is the sleeping giant, that once awakened, will not be easily, if ever, put back to rest!