Monday, September 4, 2017


 Solomon writes, " I saw the tears of the oppressed and there was none to comfort them".  How true that can be.  I have read these words of Solomon many times, but never have they rang so true. Solomon writes, "I concluded that the dead are better than the living". Solomon digs deeper and writes, " and better are those never even born, that will not have to experience the evil in the world. Evil, that's all we sense, around us, at certain times in life, when tragedy and evil hit. I. There is no doubt, in life, as Jesus said, "the hour where darkness reigns. However, we can defy the cynicism of Solomon, as wise as he may have been. We can re-write history that the mourner was not left alone with nobody to comfort. Life's darkest hours, should spurn on the Church's brightest moments. We know that has not always been the case; and that's why Solomon wrote what he did. The Church, at this Crossroads always has an opportunity, The Church can either be a startling rebuke to Solomon's cynicism and totally repudiate his words by being the Hands and Feet of Jesus, in the dark hours of the Christian, or She, The Church, can only reinforce his sentiment and his experience, of watching the hurting mourn and shed tears, with not a soul to comfort.